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I. Background of Free Lunch for Children

    In February 2011, China Development Research Foundation under the Development Research Center of the State Council published a survey report concerning nutrition conditions of Chinese students in under-developed areas. According to the report, children in the poor areas of the central and the west of China were in serious malnutrition. Of all students surveyed, 12% showed signs of developmental retardation and 72% would feel hungry during classes. The boy boarding students and girl boarding students are respectively 10 kg and 7 kg lighter, and 11 cm and 9 cm shorter below the national rural students’ average.

    The report also pointed out that, child poverty would result in huge human capital loss in the future in China, and cause inherited poverty. In this light, it is the government’s fundamental duty to make interventions in children nutrition and make political commitments by the ruling party and the state level.

    On April 2, Deng Fei, together with China Social Welfare Foundation, 500 journalists and dozens of mainstream domestic media outlets, launched a public fund-raising campaign to provide free lunches to financially-challenged children. From its initiation in April 2011 to the end of December2018, Free Lunch for Children had raised RMB 483.17 million, and found its presence in 1124 schools. With fresh free lunches, the Fund keeps children from hunger.


II. Goals

Our Mission: To create a healthy childhood free from hunger for Chinese children.

Our Vision: To make free lunch a basic welfare of Chinese children.

Our Strategies: Develop a safe and efficient Free Lunch mode that can be replicated to other areas; abide by the principle of transparency; make professional services available to the government, enterprises, public interest organizations and individual donators and constantly facilitate public policies.

    To ensure proper use of all donations, schools in our program open accounts at Weibo with the help of volunteers to disclose payment information every day, and audit teams are also in place for secret investigations and visits. Local government, media outlets, NGOs, parents, netizens and tourists are also welcome for front-line supervision.


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Management Committee of Free Lunch Fund of China Social Welfare Foundation



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Office Addresses:
     Beijing: 305 Area A, Compound 4, Baiguanglu, Xicheng District, Beijing,China   Postcode: 100053
     Hangzhou: No. 17, Hetang Xuan, Zhuhaishuiyun, Yuhang District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang  Postcode: 311122
Cooperation and Donation Consultation:
     Tel: 0571-88650362 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)
     Email: hzfz@mianfeiwucan.org (Pleaseemail us on non-working days)
Online Advisory:
     Official email: mfwc@mianfeiwucan.org
     Sina Weibo: weibo.com/freelunch    @免费午餐
     WeChat: freelunchwx
     Facebook: freelunch
     instagram: freelunchchina
Beijing office Tel: 010-85114150-688 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)
Hangzhou officeTel:0571-88650362 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)
Supervision hotline: 18610416370 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)

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