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How can individuals support FLFC?


You may support FLFC via transfer on e-bank or at bank counter, bank credit or monthly donation via WeChat, Alipay or other fast donation platform. A child will enjoy a free lunch when every 4 Yuan is donated.

You may also buy virtual lunch or souvenir from FLFC stores on Tianmao (Tmall.com), Jingdong (jd.com) and other stores for public welfare or show your kindness to children in need in the name of your idol.


You may apply for joining the volunteer team of FLFC to support FLFC in your own way by making use of your specialty. If you are a university student, you may also establish a university student volunteer relay with your classmates.


How can enterprises support FLFC?


Strategic cooperation: If your enterprise has advantages in online and offline platforms, the enterprise may offer an opportunity for FLFC brand promotion. If your enterprise is technology-oriented, long-term technical assistance may be provided for FLFC. We truly welcome different enterprises offering supports to FLFC in their own ways.

Brand alliance: FLFC is looking forward to cooperate with more enterprises, endow enterprises with more sense of social responsibility and enrich the brand culture with more kindness. FLFC may work together with your enterprise in the planning of product release conference, enterprise activity, anniversary celebration and other activities, which is favorable for the improvement of the brand awareness of both parties and the reputation of the enterprise among the public.

Directed donation to a school: FLFC welcomes the enterprise selecting a school for directed donation. You may choose a school which is most in need with the cooperation of FLFC so that children may receive the most effective aid and eat hot lunch. Meanwhile, the enterprise may also organize employees to pay periodical visit to the school to check the dining condition of children and deepen the communication with children.

Resource donation: If you have resources for advertising, you may donate the non-occupied advertising position and magazine space to FLFC so that the concept of FLFC may be disseminated to more people. If your enterprise is production-oriented, you may donate your product to FLFC stores for sales and auction or develop derivatives for public welfare with FLFC.


Inquiries for external cooperation:

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Inquiries for external cooperation: Tel:0571-88650362    email: hzfz@mianfeiwucan.org
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