I. Every donation received will be publicized on the website timely, and you can query for your donation at our official website.

Query Method: Access from the donation detail section on the homepage or click the following link:

II. Spending of every donation will be disclosed, and we require every school receiving subsidiary to make public donation balance on their Weibo account, including accounts and dinning description for social supervision.

Query Method:

1. You can check donation spending information on information disclosure page
2. You can also view detailed donation use on the school page:


III.  Every year, we will publish financial report and audit report of Free Lunch for Children, and we welcome supervision and guidance from all walks of life.
Link of Donation Check Page: www.mianfeiwucan.org/infor/download/


Guided by the principles of openness and transparency, we are committed to being fully responsible for each donation and guaranteeing the benefits of every donator, thus contributing to growth of Chinese children in rural areas.

Office Addresses:
     Beijing: 305 Area A, Compound 4, Baiguanglu, Xicheng District, Beijing,China   Postcode: 100053
     Hangzhou: No. 17, Hetang Xuan, Zhuhaishuiyun, Yuhang District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang  Postcode: 311122
Cooperation and Donation Consultation:
     Tel: 0571-88650362 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)
     Email: hzfz@mianfeiwucan.org (Pleaseemail us on non-working days)
Online Advisory:
     Official email: mfwc@mianfeiwucan.org
     Sina Weibo: weibo.com/freelunch    @免费午餐
     WeChat: freelunchwx
     Facebook: freelunch
     instagram: freelunchchina
Beijing office Tel: 010-85114150-688 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)
Hangzhou officeTel:0571-88650362 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)
Supervision hotline: 18610416370 (Workdays: 9:30-17:30)

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