Translator: fanlaifanqu

Early in the morning of August 9, volunteers with Free Lunch Yunnan team arrived at Kunming International Conference and Exhibition Center and participated in the 2014 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo.

Free Lunch chose to take part in the Children Creative Pavilion, one of the 18 series of the Expo and the table was kindly provided by Mr. He, general manager of Yunnan Daguan Education Group.

The 20-square-meter exhibition zone was swamped by parents and their children, proving it’s a very good choice to set up a table for Free Lunch in a children’s pavilion.

Free Lunch Yunnan team was consisted of journalists, armed police staff, museum staff, teachers and students. Because time is tight and all the volunteers have to work during weekdays, everyone worked day and night to prepare all the materials needed for the Expo. So on weekend, their off days, they came here to publicize Free Lunch.

On the opening day of the Expo, nearly 2000 people visited Free Lunch and expressed their concern about the development of Free Lunch in Yunnan. Volunteers introduced the program and all the timely rescue measures taken by China Social Welfare Foundation after the Ludian earthquake to the visitors.

The set-up of the Free Lunch table at the Expo not only publicize the charitable concept and attract more new comers, but also comforted the citizens who are concerned about Ludian earthquake by providing them with latest news. The Free Lunch campaign at the Expo will last two days.