——Approach Free Lunch school with parent-children activity

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Along with the rapid social development, people tend to share with and give love to others. Nowadays, star-charity becomes normal and TV show like “Where are we going with Dad?” seems to attract no more interest from the public. Recently, the Oppein Group launched a Sunshine Charity Campaign which combines parent-children activity with charity in a creative way. 30 families who are Oppein customers from the whole country visited Wofosi Primary School in Zhuolu County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, during a large-scale parent-children charity event, which drew extensive comments and supports from the public. People can’t help acclaiming: What a novel way to do charity!

It is reported that in this March, Oppein Group kicked off its charity project named “Love Home Plan”, which is comprised of poverty-stricken family aid and aid for students in under-developed areas and so on. As part of above mentioned project, the aim of Free Lunch school visit is to enable the Oppein customers to know how the company operates its charity event. At the same time, this visit can also offer a special lesson for children from cities.

Oppein “Love Home Plan” settled in Hebei Province

Themed on “Happy Lunch and Share love”, this event was carried out in Wofosi Primary School in Zhuolu County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province with the participation of 30 families.We are told that this event was composed of “going to school with local children”, “sharing free lunch with local kids”, “birthday campfire party” and visit to poor-off families, etc. Person in charge of this event told us: “we hope to contact with poor-off families face to face with children from cities, passing on the ideal of our company that from one family to all families and from little love to great love and making home more warm with love”.

Villagers in Huagou Village in Zhuolu County make their living by farming or working outside their hometown. Limited employment choice makes their life very hard. Most of the local children suffer the lack of parental love. This time, 30 families from cities visited some poor-off families in groups and what they saw shocked them!

 In Liu Zhiyu’s home, they got to know her tough story: an eighty-some grandmother paralyzed in bed and a father who can’t work due to sickness. She is on the verge of dropout. In front of the visitors from cities, she stands aside shyly, looking at us. His father said with a sigh: “I really want to support her schooling, but it’s too difficult for me.......” Seeing the clothes and stationeries brought by the visitors, Li Zhiyu whispered with her head down: “I will work hard and grow fast, everything will be OK when I grow up. Thank you.”

During the visit, a gentleman surnamed Zhang from Chongqing said: “Their living conditions are so hard. I want my children to know it and learn to cherish and share. This Oppein Sunshine Charity Event spreads positive power, shows our love. It’s very meaningful.” Most families from cities donated their money or stuff to the poor families. Mr. Lin, a donator, said: “Our power is little and we can’t do much for them except a little sum of money. We wish more and more charity-conscious people will join Oppein Love Home Plan and pay attention to poverty-stricken families.”

Photos taken during the tour:

Person in charge of Oppein Love Home Plan said: “In addition to enabling urban people to know poor families and cherish their life, more importantly, we wish to make people know more clearly what charity means to impoverished families and the whole society. I hope we can turn our little love to great love and turn our love for family to the society as a whole.”It is reported that Oppein “Love Home Plan”, advocated by Oppein Group, is an integrated charity plan that is carried out in multiple forms and focused on impoverished families and family sub-health. On March 28, 2014, Yao Liangsong, president of Oppein Group, Jiang Wenli, famous actress, Deng Fei, founder of Free Lunch, Chen Zhaohua, editor in chief of Southern Metropolis Weekly and other celebrities jointly started this event.