Group photo of support units and enterprises in Zeiss free lunch donation activity 

Peng Wei, president of Zeiss Optics branch in China, addressed in the free lunch donation ceremony.

On September 4, the second day of Beijing International Optical Fair, Zeiss held the first term donation ceremony of vision support for children in China International Exhibition Center, to donate a total number of 108,560 piecesof free lunch for the Free Lunch Fund through the profit by selling “happy growth” lens and the “donation”activity held jointly with Netease. Meanwhile, Zeiss also specially introduced its latest ski goggles, cubic platinum coating and e-learning platform to guests and media in the Fair. 

The first term action of vision support for children by Zeiss started on August 1 this year, which aims to care about poor children in China and draw the attention of such group by social public. From August 1 to August 31 2014, as long as consumers buy a pair of Zeiss “happy growth” Myovision lens in mainland China, Zeiss will donate a week’s school lunch for a child in poverty area to the Free Lunch Fund, thus helping them grow healthily. This activity has received the support of 12 commercial partners of Zeiss, which makes the activity soon implementednationwide with the result of wide influence. Within just one month, Zeiss has raised 98,560 pieces of free lunch for children in poverty areas. From August 8, Zeiss also co-held the gold coin “donation” activity with the exclusive cooperation medium Netease, to encourage netizens to donate the gold coin they’ve received from then news APP of Netease for the action of vision support for children. Through this activity, Zeiss has donated about 10,000 pieces of lunch to Free Lunch Fund. 

In the donation ceremony, Peng Wei, president of Zeiss’ Chinese branch, along with 10 representatives from support units, turned a total number of 108,560 pieces of free lunch to the Free Lunch Fund. Such charity of Zeiss has received the support and appreciation by insiders including the Chinese Optical Association. 

Peng Wei, president of Carl Zeiss optics China, said “the brand feature of Zeiss is openness, leadership, inspiration, precision and responsibility. In the future, the company will take more responsibility as an enterprise through various meaningful and influential actions while in the pursuit of commercial success.” Meanwhile, healso announced that Zeiss has cooperated with Free Lunch Fund to visit schools in poverty areas and provide vision health examination and free lens donation for children, teachers and the elderly depending on its professional advantages in vision care field from September to December this year.


Yang Xiaoguang, vice president of marketing in Carl Zeiss’ Chinese branch, introduced the functional lenses.

In order to meet the increasingly diversified demands of lens by consumers, Zeiss has launched various types of functional lens as a pioneer of the field, to provide the overall vision solutions to users. In the new product release meeting held together with the donation ceremony, Zeise has introduced about the functional lens productsincluding the digital lens, “happy growth” and indoor lens along with the presentation of the latest ski goggles, cubic platinum coating and e- learning platform. Zeiss’ ski goggles are made in Italy, which is in line with the European standard of anti-harmful-rays at high altitude effectively to protect eyes from being hurt; The lens system can be changed to allow the wearer to use different performances of lens according to the illumination strength; The overall design is beautiful with fashionable color matching. Through the on-site model presentation, the strong sense of fashion can be reflected fully by the products. The cubic platinum coating released by Zeiss is with higher hardness with the characteristics of non-scraping and optimal anti-dust and anti-dirt properties compared with traditional coatings. E-learning is an online learning platform developed specifically to staff in the glass shops. Depending on this platform, it is to enable the product education of Zeiss lens accessible to any place at any time.  


On-site interpretation of the cubic platinum coating by Jens, global business development director of Zeiss


Interpretation of e-learning platform to guests by Yang Youhua, member of the purser department of Zeiss


On-site presentation of Zeiss’ ski goggles by models


On-site presentation of Zeiss’ sunglasses by model