Chengdu was in a scene of bustle and excitement on 28/08/2014. A car company called "COWIN AUTO" prepared continues to help children in the poor mountainous areas to improve their nutritional conditions. The same day, Zhaogen Huang , general manager of COWIN AUTO marketing department signed a "FREE LUNCH" donor program of strategic cooperation with Free Lunch Fund Management Board Of China's Social Welfare Foundation that COWIN AUTO would give donors each year on "FREELUNCH" and contribute to provide lunch financial support for some poor students.

Fei Deng, as representative of Niuniu Can was present at the donor activitiy and issued a "strategic partner"of gift card to COWIN AUTO. At the press conference, Huang said, free lunch has won widespread praise and respect in the community

because it for years, adhering to the criteria of transparency and openness, establishing a perfect supervision mechanism to honestly help the vast number of children that deprived of education and children living in poverty to solve the

problem of hunger in school. This get down to coincide withthe COWIN AUTO's idea of doing public welfare.

Meanwhile, Huang also pointed out: "COWIN AUTO does public welfare according to its actual developing situation, if company has developed in the future, we will try to help more people, so that a greater number of people benefit from the company's development. ”

On August 28, the closely watched COWIN AUTO held on the brand launch in Chengdu motor show, announcing their brand was established and at the same time issued an A-class SUV concept car I-CX. More than 200 media and several parts distributors, suppliers attended the press conference, at the meeting, general manager of COWIN AUTO Zhaorui Zheng said: "COWIN AUTO aims to be innovative internet car company, to build intelligent internet cars that popular within young people ."

To create intelligent internet cars on innovation

COWIN AUTO was founded in January 2014, it's an independent car company that led by Chery holding group, it specialised in automotive research and development, marketing.

(Great! that is promising! )

Media and industry pay great attentio to the topic that as a new car brand , how to create a world in Chinese car market where competition turnd white-hot? On this, Zhaorui Zheng said: "in 2013, China's car market in annual sales of more than 20 million vehicles, there are hundreds of brands in more than 500 automotive products, namely 2.1 times and 1.8 times of it in The United States.

There is no doubt that China is not only the world's largest car market, but also by far the most competitive automobile market. However, with the development of the internet in China; Chinese consumer's demand for cars with smart internet connected; The impact of e-commerce development on the traditional automobile marketing mode, as well as the challenges brought by environmental crisis to car's traditional forms of power, the car industry is heading for a change.

Such a change, for all the car companies, is both a challenge and an pportunity. Chery holdings sees this trend, combined its research and practice for many years in the automotive industry as a technical resource, capacity and human resources, hoping to create an innovative enterprise, explore a new mode of automobile industry development. ”

Zhaorui Zheng said COWIN AUTO is the car company based on the future, it  will combine the computer, internet and traditional automotive technologies  to provide consumers with automotives of more intelligent internet function, car is

no longer just a means of transport, and become mobile internet terminal.

COWIN-The Triumphal Win

For a new brand called COWIN, COWIN Motors General Manager Zhaoru Zheng said: "COWIN, comes from two Chinese ancient prose——"Triumphal wind from south, Lin flap the wings", combined as a wing of the Arc de Triomphe. "

On brand launch, released COWIN's LOGO, it consists of 2 parts, "V" below represent victories, the Arc de Triomphe and value metaphor for realization of customer value, social value is self-realization of the value of enterprise's path to

victory. Above the logo is a pair of wings to fly, flying wings, another sign of businesses thriving, fly far away.

New, light, refined, intellectual, win establishing five core strengths. As the new born brand, a later, how to stand out in stronger automakers, COWIN Motors General Manager Zhaorui Zheng replied: "COWIN will focus on creating new, light and refined, intellectual and win as core competitive advantages. ”

"New" ——new thinking and a new mode, based on the thinking of the internet to explore development, production, marketing and other aspects, creating an new car brand that using the internet innovation development model.

"Light"means an asset-light operation, refers to the focusing of resources, focus on core areas such as development and brand marketing, to respond quickly to market needs, to achive the goal of low-costoperation.

"Refined"is the precise control of the whole chain, lean production, producing boutique, while streamlining the product quantity, focused on segment capital and technology, to build COWIN 5+1 products.

"Intellectual" refers to COWIN by intergrating the top industry talent and leading domestic enterprises, as well as the use of internet technology platform into the core of intelligent research and development mode, to full use the application and  of the internet on car body.

"Win" is by benefit-sharing with users, partners, businesses and social. COWIN will get the win-win situation.

Zhaorui Zheng said: "in the internet age, economic and social aspects are dramatically changing, as an internet car company that dedicated on innovation, if we follow traditional practices, COWIN's living space will be severely limited.

So COWIN must have innovative awareness and thinking at all levels, have the courage to break, to challenge impossible. ”

I-CX concept car delivering the beauty of dynamicsm and strength

On the launch event of "I-CX concept car delivering the beauty of dynamicsm and strength", COWIN also released its first concept car——I-CX, an A-class SUV concept car, using three different 1.6TCI/1.4TGDI/plug-in, hybrid electric powered forms, equipped with 6MT/6DCT transmission and four wheel drive.

About the design concept of I-CX, the chief styling design director Mr. Lowin said, this is a product that has been built according to international standard system and process , to return natural for design concept, creation inspiration sources from the interpretation of COWIN--triumph of wing and natural power of beauty, triumph of wing, and Eagle stretch of form, these elements of natral forces reflected out the natural design concept which formed the exclusive design

language of I-CX.

Zhaorui Zheng said that in the future, COWIN will also fully take user's needs into account, to add more intelligent and technologically-advanced configuration, to create a new generation car life with synchronized internet, convenience and

comfort. To do this, based on producing concept of "smart interconnect", actively engaged in product development of new concepts, the next phase, or to set up a "future automotive imagination laboratory", to let users to experience COWIN closer.

Conventional car extending people's physical space, the internet broadens people's spiritual space, superposition of automobiles and the internet, sublimate the overall people's life. Competition is white-hot throughout the automotive industry, fierce competition appears in technology, design, management, and philosophy at various levels, such as, only the innovators will beyond the present, securing the future.

COWIN's imagination of automotive internet era, is just an opening to the trend of internet auto, a good show is being staged, let us wait and see its results !