On the morning of Sept.6th, as a representative, who is the secretary-general of FLFC fund management committee, Dang Jun said,"Cycling can change lives." He signed with emotion when he saw the expert of cycling Wang Wei. Maybe this is a story about riding and it has occurred in different kinds of media or art work. A young brother, in order to complete his elder brother's last wishes, started from Lijiang to Xizang and created Kora. The founder of, Zhang Xiangdong, he foud the happiness and the inner freedom by cycling without the  imbroglio of entrepreneurship. These people found some meaning of life by cycling.

  And for the founder of Going Global, Wang Wei, he also wants to find some way to touch the society besides "changing his life". 2013, Wang Wei came to Beijing from Guangzhou on foot. The distance of 2550 miles raised 31280 yuan for FLFC.It not only brought 10,000 lunches, but also completed a public welfare practice and a socially creative behavior which connected individual and society.

  As for individual, public welfare may be the best way to communicate with the society.

  And just the past weekend, Wang Wei started off again...

Here is the report sent by Canniuniu from the scene:

  On the morning of Sept. 6th,2014, the launching ceremony Cross South to North for LoveⅡwas held at SOHO center in Wangjing, Beijing. The secretary-general of FLFC fund management committee,Dang Jun, the founder of Going Global and torchbearer of Beijing Olympics and Guangzhou Asian Games, Wang Wei, the project director of City Pictorial, Zhang Yichi, the CYTS holding marketing manager, Ge Lei, the secretary-general of Love Save Pneumoconiosis, Zhao Ruotong, the manager of Ceroticycle, Zhong Yuanping, the person in charge of Fengyun Bike Club, Jiang Wukai and the riders representative from Beijing attented the activity.

  This activity was held by Going Global, City Pictorial and FLFC foundation and it aims to raised money for the children in poverty mountain area. It started in Beijing on Sept. 6th, and will arrive in Guangzhou on Sept. 21st. The riders will arrive the destination by way of Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Xinyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Hengshan, Yizhang, Shaoguan and so on on the national road G107. Lectures will be held in the colleges along the route and they propagandize healthy life style for the youth.

  The launching ceremony was held on time at 10am. The public welfare trailer of FLFC and trailer of cross South to North for LoveⅠwere played, which deepen the audience's understanding of these two activities.

  Mr.Dang, Miss Zhang,Manager Ge made a speech respectively for the activity to applause, which mainly mentioned their concepts of public welfare, their interest of riding and advocated everyone to join in public welfare and protcet the environment. It made a good beginning of this activity.

  Later, Wang Wei, who deserves to the first rider of China, talked about his riding story. His public life style for riding sets an example. There was signature activity at the same time. The riders, the entrepreneurs, the show guests and the press all took active part in it. They used their names to fill in the picture scroll, which made a best wish for the activity.

  Then the sponsor launched an activity of cheering for riding. A fresh cycling wind breezed. It was an art which was low-key but innovative and it shows a healthy life style and a special way to exprss the love for the children in the remote mountain area.

  The launching ceremony came to an end at noon, which marks that Cross South to North for Love stating. Where is the way? The way is in foot. It is expected that public welfare riders measure the land by wheel, water the youth with heart, lighten the front with dream. No matter how bad the weather is, how far the distance is,lunch-raising is an lengendary.

  9am,Sept.7th,2014, Cross South to North for LoveⅡstarted. The playground in front of the third gate at Liweisai Hotel, Yuanbo Garden, Fengtai district, Beijing, is alway desolate in the morning, but today is of great importance and busy.

  It is about 150 riders arrived at the playground ahead of time. They were ready to start off. Reporter interviewed some random riders and learned that some of them came here from Dongcheng District which is about fifty or sixty miles away before daybreak. However, the distance which the sponsor had been arranged was 35 miles. They all believed that it was an meaningful cycling and they don't mind riding further. Compared with Wang Wei's more than 2,000-mile-distance,  a few tens of kilometres is much more easier.

  On the scene, Wang Wei's team brought the torch which he held in 2012. The  atmosphere became warmer when the torch was lightened. The riders queued and took photos with him. After the sponsor's brief speech and  lottery, all the riders assembled to started off. They rided to the south of the city when the horn rang which marked the cycling started. It is predicted that Wang Wei's team will arrive in the first station- Shijiazhuang at 1am.

  Although it was mid-Autumn night, some riders there were going to meet and accompany other riders to the hotel. Wang Wei said it was such enthusiastic riders that the activity became much more meaningful. He appreciated that the riders from different places took active part in cycling and he felt much more confident about the completeness of the activity.

  Cross South to North for LoveⅡ went from Beijing to Guangzhou. Thousands of people took part in it and it aims to raise free lunch for the children living in the mountain. The public welfare lectures were held in many the colleges along the route, which attract more frsh power to join in the public welfare cycling team.