Originator of “Free Lunch For Children” Deng Fei, Can Yan the monk, secretary general of One Foundation and other cooperators launched “Ainigoingyi” app on the third China Charity Fair, on 19th September. It is the first app that is for transparent management of public welfare. Deng Fei said that “Aini” is an app that every Chinese will install.

邓飞 Originator of “Free Lunch For Children” Deng Fei: “Aini” is a app that every Chinese will install. It is a supermarket for public welfare.李劲

Li Jing from “One Foundation”: To have IT serve public welfare, “Aini” would be greater than Alibaba.


Can Yan, the monk: “Aini” would be a platform of equal and transparent management. You could show your care to anybody in need easily and quickly.

      The third China Charity Fair was co-hosted by Ministry of Civil Affairs, SASAC, ACFIC, Guangdong Provincial Government, Shenzhen Government and China Charity Alliance. On this fair, NGOs such as “Free Lunch For Children”,”Angel Mom”, “Girl’s Protecting”, “Mango V Foundation”, “Long Yue Charity”, “Adream”, “China Social Assistance Foundation” co-launched “Statement of Transparent Management of Public Welfare Projects”. In this statement, these NGOs promise to keep every donator posted of projects’ effect and financial situation. And Donators could grade that on the app.

        Every person who donate through or keep a watchful eye on this app would receive monthly response and financial statement, so that they could keep a finger on the pulse of their donation and conduction of NGO.

        Meanwhile, Chinese government’s department of civil affair and poverty reduction could compare financial situations of different NGO in different places, methods and demands in times. In this way, these departments could provide supports to NGOs more efficiently.

      “Aini” app would be technically supported by Alibaba Corp. With the help of it, this app would realize transparency management, which means the need, the mode, the financial situation, the progress and the effect would be supervised by everyone. This is rarely attained by public welfare project for a long time. (Translator: Jelly)