Three years ago, the Free Lunch Foundation was established, with the first management committee comprised of 9 core volunteers. From then on, they dedicated unselfishly to the foundation and made outstanding and unforgettable contribution to the smooth development of the Free Lunch cause. 

Today, through democratic process, the election for the Second Management Committee of Free Lunch Foundation affiliated to China Social Welfare Foundation came to an conclusion with newly-elected members. Through recommendation and appraisal, there were 45 voters and 6 candidates qualified for this election. After 48 voting hours, 43 votes have been received and the valid votes accounted for 95.5% of the total. After the cross-confirmation by He Qingsong, Jiang Wei, Liu Yan, all members of “Free Lunch Management Committee Re-election Team”, Su Zhefang, Hu Yihua, Ye Pan, Zhang Junhong, Li Huizi led the election and the votes in favor of each of them all surpassed 50%. The result is in accordance with relevant regulations and is valid and effective. 

Introduction of members of the second Free Lunch Foundation Management Committee

Su Zhefang, co-founder of Free Lunch in 2011, member of the first management committee and deputy secretary-general, who witnessed the development of Free Lunch from the shaping of brand image to the interpretation and promotion of culture of Free Lunch. 

Hu Yihua, co-founder of Free Lunch in 2011, lawyer, member of the first management committee, legal supervisor, supervisor of cooperation and development department, deputy secretary-general, etc. 

Li Huizi took part in Free Lunch in 2012 and now is the person in charge of Free Lunch development in Guangxi Province, paid many visits to schools in Guangxi and set up projects like Free Lunch Caring Bear Partnership, etc.

Ye Pan joined Free Lunch in 2012 and was one of the initiators of Free Lunch volunteer team in Guangzhou. He probed into the working modes of Free Lunch regional team over the past 2 years and played an effective role in promoting Free Lunch in Guangzhou and neighboring regions. 

Zhang Junhong took part in Free lunch in September 2012 and worked as the part-time person in charge of the Technical Department, who established the IT team for Free Lunch and took care of the information system construction for Free Lunch. 

Congratulations to the new members of the committee. New team means new thinking and new approach and Free Lunch needs their hard work and contribution. Likewise, for the new team, election doesn’t mean the end but the start and also responsibility and challenge. Charity is never an easy job anywhere and the new team faces a great deal of challenges. 

Today, while we congratulate the new committee, Niu Niu, the Free Lunch mascot, wouldn’t forget the 9 members of the first Free Lunch Management Committee in the past 3 years. They are Deng Fei, Xiao Longjun, Dang Jun, Su Zhefang, Yang Bozhi, Hu Yihua, Shen Yanbing, San Lianxing and Li Muzi. Over the past 3 years, thanks to their leadership and guidance, the Free Lunch team, starting from a primary school in Guizhou, promotes Free Lunch across China. Up to date, Free Lunch helped students in over 400 schools and the total donation exceeded 100 million Yuan. 

Niu Niu, on behalf of all the stakeholders, thanks them and wishes the 9 members will go on making contribution to Free Lunch development as well as the charitable cause in China as a whole during their term. 

Bellow is the list of members of the first Free Lunch Foundation Management Committee: