Translator: Yidan Zhang

 Ellassay’s annual public welfare in 2014 is named as 'Lights of City', turning out everyone's ray of love and lightening the light of hope for children in poverty.    

 'You buying clothes, and I having donation’     Ellassay joins hands with 'Free Lunch' to hold this public donation event, continuing the public power of 'Lights of City', focusing on subsistence problem of children in poverty, proposing using the thickness of a piece of clothing to warm a child's lunch.

  'Love Donation' Clothing     'You buying clothes, and I having donation' public benefit event sets up the 'Love Donation' clothing which are marked with love tags. With every piece of 'love donation' clothing being sold, Ellassay will, in the name of the buyer, donate one-month free lunches (¥90) to 'Free Lunch' non-profit foundation.

'Love Appreciation' vouchers           

'Love Appreciation' vouchers represent appreciations to buyers from 'Free Lunch' foundation , although the appreciations are slender, they carry the most sincere thanks from every person receiving help.

From now on, you can participate in the 'You buying clothes, and I having donation' event in its appointed image shops, for more details, please go to the stores to inquire.       

Ellassay Public Funds of Art           Since the establishment of 'Ellassay public Funds of Art', it has been focusing on different public welfare programs every year. At the same time of undertaking the corporate's social responsibility, it also deeply understands and pays close attention to social vulnerable groups.

The Public welfare behaviour is not limited by the range of art, starting from ourselves to devote power of love to more vulnerable groups. 

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