On the night of 29/8/2014, under the Canton tower with bright neon,a charity auction hold 

together by Guangzhou Qitianxia sports planning limited & Cityzine ended in a satisfactory way 

at the headquater of Qitianxia study tour, ¥50800 were collected as free lunch fund for 

children in mountainous areas.

At the beginning of the auction, Wenjia Chen---the well-know host from  Guangdong Southern 

television, introduced this auction briefly.Next, Junhui Zhang---the brand director of Cityzine 

and Qing Fang---the head of Free Lunch Guangdong Office addressed for this auction. 

Representatives of Sponsor presented this auction,they are from Lions Club of Guangdong 

Guangzhou service; The Yuren Welfare Foundation Of Guangdong Province; Shaoguan Lide; 

gongyi.weibo.com; www.gongyi.net; Central People's broadcasting station voice of China; 

Guangdong Southern television; Baike Guangzhou; VAUDE; ceroticycle.com; Magic; GUB helmet; Peak 

out-door glasses; CITOLE etc.

Two-hour auction was in full swing,with orgasms one after another because of the huge enthusiasm 

of those attendees. A bike of the brand "tern" was sold for the highest price among sports 

products of the auction, after several rounds of offers to ¥3500.

The sunglasses form One well-known host Zhihai Ma by Southern television have been auctioned a 

¥1905 high prices. Even a humorous guest that only call out 381-multiple price. With active 

atmosphere, increasing the total donations, meaning a lunch will be sent into the hands of 

children in the poor mountainous areas. Meanwhile, organizers have also prepared a raffle for 

our visitors, African drumming performances, ladies and gentlemen talked to each other happily, 

the whole atmosphere is pleasant.

10 o'clock that night, boisterous auction came to an end, by a notarypublic statistics, a total 

of auction donationstotal ¥69800 have been collected. Lions Club of Guangdong Guangzhou service 

donated ¥10000; The Yuren Welfare Foundation Of Guangdong Province donated ¥7500; Huizhou 

Saiwei outdoor sporting goods company donated ¥1500. All money collected during this auction 

would be fully transferred to the Free Lunch Foundation, for offering hot lunch to children in 

moutainous areas in a timely manner.

Coldness in early autumn will not beat hotness of love , dark of night will never conceal 

future's bright. Never stop riding, love forever, This auction is only a starting point for 

charity bike ride, and we look forward to the second North-South crossing activity on the 

national highway G107 's most enduring relay and Harvesting the most beautiful legends.

North-South crossing was an charity bike riding activity hold together  by Guangzhou Qitianxia 

sports planning limited & Free Lunch Fund, aiming at raising donations for children in poor 

mountainous areas. This event started on September 6th in Beijing, September 21th arrived in 

Guangzhou, on national highway G107 via Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Xinyang, Wuhan, Changsha, 

Hengshan, Yizhang, Shaoguan and other places, and giving lectures of charity bike riding to 

colleges on the way.