Lunch girl said: In the late autumn, last few days of September, China Grain Reserves Corporation Jin Ding team was busy, "Lunch girl" the little sister Tian Ya Grass, together with Jin Ding team members , started from 25 Sepetember, went to Xin Huang County of Huaihua city of Western Hunan Province, where the "Free Lunch" project school located.

Jin Ding team members brought 1,390 boxes of non-transgenic edible blend oil to the kids for the delicious lunch, they delivered so much oil to be delivered in urban area. Lunch girl felt sad to know the team worked so hard in the hot weather, nearly got the miliaria ,  she hoped all members working for the public service, no matter how hard , should take a rest . it's still a long way to go, we should insist and make efforts, fighting!

<Set off>

25 September, Jin Ding team took best wishes from million loving people and the kids well-prepared gifts to set off for Xinhuang Dong autonomous county of Hunan Province , 2,000 KM far away.

<Distributing Oil> 

In the morning of 26 September, Jin Ding love team and "Free Lunch" staffs came to Hunan Xinhuang Education Bureau,  bringing 1,390 box that equivalent to 333,600 Yuan of Jin Ding non-transgenic edible blend oil. Xin Huang County Publicity Department Minister Shi Bing smiled: Jin Ding oil was already enough for the food provided for all school students,  they grew up so fast with the enough nutrition. 

Xin Huang County teachers drove the van to get the oil, loving team and "Free Lunch" staffs counted the oil carefully and helped teachers to carry the oil.  we looked at the neat boxes of Jin Ding oil, really hoped all the kids can get more nutrition and grow up soon in the new semester.

 <Return Visit>
10:00 AM, Jin Ding loving team follows the Fuluo Town Tongmu village Primary School oil van  to school in the mountain again, when the kids saw us ,felt a little familiar,  their eyes full of curiosity. Team members passed the loving posts from all the places to the kids, told them the posts full of best wishes of many elder people and other kids. The kids read every warm word in the "heart" shape posts,  I was wondering what they thought.  

It was a happy time for receiving the gifts, team members brought a mysterious gift bag, packing with color pens, puzzle games, and jump rope... The kids were so happy and couldn't wait to draw with color pens。

Lunch time approching. The schoolmaster invited team members to take lunch together with the students, we also wanted to know how the students take the lunch. The students queued up for washing hands, getting food and eatting, junior students first, then for the senior students, everything is in a good order. The school cook used the Jin Ding non-transgenic edible blend oil for the lunch, students can enjoy first.

 In the three years,  team members have made a promise with the kids that they would keep in mind to visit the school,  It was a short time to say goodbye , the students also made a promise that they would study hard and took the meals well, leading a happy life everyday.


In the return trip, I looked back the activity of  "You walk 1000 steps, I donate 1 gram of oil" , which started in Guangzhou on 15 June, ended in Beijing on 23 August for the whole 2014 summer.China Grain Reserves Corporation and million loving people walked hard in the loving relay,contributing to improving kid nutrition in urban area.  


In 2012, China Grain Reserves Corporation built "Jin Ding loving team" ,with Free Lunch Foundation, have donated 1,466 boxes of non-transgenic cilantro seeds oil, helping 28,085 students from 131 schools; 

In 2013, Jin Ding team donted 3,356 boxs of non-transgenic canola to 5 provinces of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangxi and Yunnan, helping 44,343 students from 167 schools;

 In 2014, Jin Ding loving team the 3rd time delivered oil to 5 provinces of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangxi and Yunnan, donated 4,167 boxes non-transgenic Jin Ding edible blend oil to nearly 60,000 students. Thanks for China Grain Reserves Corporation Jin Ding, has brought 8,989 boxes of healthy edible oil and love for Free Lunch to urban kids in the three years. Jin Ding loving relay lasted from south to north, with millions of people great efforts in the way of"You walk 1 step, I donate 1 gram of oil", has passed 5 cities of Guangzhou, Wuhan , Nanjing, Xi'an and Beijing, the final accumulation of 957,868,764 steps, equivalent to 100 million of Yuan Jin Ding edible oil. Jin Ding loving team, on behalf of million people, donated 100 million yuan edible oil to Free Lunch Foundation for the project school lunch. Thanks again for the million people in the free lunch publicity activity, your warm heart and support let the kids enjoy the healthy edible oil in urban mountain area. 

In the end, we still appreciate for Aimeng Xingshan, your great supports for Free Lunch, helping all anticipantes take the datas of steps, raising the charity fund for the kids in the moutain.