On 26 September, 2014 Children Beauty Traveling ▪Chinese Village Children Unite Charity Night was held in China World Trade Center Tower 3, a majority of famous paintings or artworks showed in the auction, what we can see was the art and publicity welfare union, in addition, a special good made everyone curious, which was a limited edition of bamboo mobile donated by One Plus with fabulous technology in the spotlight. 

Noted that Can Niuniu will organize publicity welfare auction, One Plus founder Liu Zuohu, the handsome guy made an immediate decision to donate the most excellent creation to Can Niuniu, hope to raise more fund for rural area children through the auction.

This One Plus limited edition bamboo mobile showed in the stage only 3 days after it appeared in the business market , the real customers can get the purchase rights  since 23 September, the limited edition was most excellent  in One Plus family.

As we know, One Plus bamboo mobile is made of Nan bamboo, which is the most valuable bamboo for their best toughness and flexibility . This kind of bamboo should grow in the tough climate for 5-6 years to meet the materials demand for One Plus limited edition, well grow in N 28.51° of the middle subtropical zone, the whole year temperature is 16.5 ℃.

Even more special, the lines in mobile back shell  are unique, users can buy their own unique fashion mobile.

 The deployment of One Plus bamboo mobile is the same as regular edition,  using Qualcomm snapdragon processor, 3G memory, 5.5 inch 1080P HD screeen and 1.3 million Sony IMX214 camera, which has the function of 0.3s fast focusing, 32s slow shutter, supports double 4G, which is a top deployment in the exsiting industry right now. 

6 such excellent mobiles were provided in the auction, getting many friends approval, 3 friends got them respectively , one of them Mr.Zhou bought 4 mobiles for supporting Can Niuniu's publicity welfare. 

Bamboo style attracted friends eyes, also the Zi Tea did well to support the auction.

Zi tea is one kind of pu'er tea from Pu'er city of Yunnan Province ,but more expensive than other pu'er tea, except for the manual production to ensure the quality, or the total producion materials made from 100-year tree- buds are less than 3 tons every year in Yunnan province. The only priority to pu'er tea is reducing blood lipid, losing weight, anti atherosclerosis, anti cancer, protecting stomach, and protecting teeth, all of them attract the friends who pay attention to health.

Of course, we will show our deep appreciation to One Plus mobile handsome guy Liu Zuohu, and Zi tea provider pretty lady Zhu Yanmei, their strong support for Free Lunch. No matter you are in new fashion or keep tradition, we wish both to get more prosperity in the future and more people can support us.