Three Gorges Evening News reported (Authors: journalist Yan Zheng; student reporters Lv Zuo, Xue Luo; correspondent Ran Xiong         

Translator: Yidan Zhang

Hiking for 5 days and 180km, 18 undergraduates went to Enshi to send free lunches to primary school students. These undergraduates already went back to Yichuang last night, declaring that they would insist on working for public welfare. 

The charity activity “Free Lunch· Hiking to Enshi ” was initiated by 18 volunteers from the Three Gorges University. They have hiked for 5 days and 180 km distance from Yichang to Enshi, sending pupils in Enshi Hefeng plateau elementary school donation of ¥5400 which they raised before. 

At the night of 8th Oct., the activity organizer Bing Li, who just arrived in Yichang and is a senior undergraduate in School  of Economics and Management, said that although the holiday was very toilsome, the time period with children was particularly pleasant. 

It is known that their schedules were on daily live broadcast on microblog, drawing attention of actor Kun Chen who left a message saying “Be careful“.  Meanwhile, it also caught Fei Deng’s attention, the initiator of Free Lunch and the Nationwide Microblog Cracking down of Abduction, and he left a message: ”I (Fei Deng) appreciate your painstaking throughout the journey ”. 

Bing said that after back to the university, they would continue to raise money and prepare for next charity activity as well.      

Authors: Yan Zheng; university students Lv Zuo, Xue Luo; Ran Xiong