The “Free Lunch & Chuangyi Cow Charity” last for one week and successfully closed in the afternoon of Oct. 18th. Four organizations, companies, as well as 40 volunteers coming from all over the society spent a lot time and effort for this event. The closing ceremony was held in the Chuangyi Cow base, No. 51, Runan Street, Huangpu District. People were coming together to celebrate this successful activity and the whole ceremony last for almost 2 hr. 

The guests invited to this activity including Mr. Zhang from Chuangyi Cow company, Mr. Andy, the charity sponsor of Tunion company, Mr. Per Erik, the designer of the Chuangyi Cow Base, Mr. Xinjun Cui, the chairman of the board from Shanghai Xinjun Industrial Co., Ltd. (Shengjian, Wujiang Rd), Miss Ru Li, the general secretary of the World Federation of Chinese National Culture Arts, Miss Jingyu Zeng, the director of Shanghai Zhilan Environmental Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Jingchun Ai, the contributing reporter from Asia Vision (HK) Magazine, etc. of four media, and Mr. Daming Yan, freelance photojournalist from Xinhua News Agency. 

In the beginning of ceremony, a stuff from Chuangyi UP interpreted the original intention of this charity and the history of Free Lunch. He said, the Chuangyi UP team is sponsored by the logo designer of Free Lunch, Jing Liang, and a couple of young people from different areas, aiming to generate charity through innovative thinking and pass down positive energy to the society. Hereafter, Mr. Zhang, from Chuangyi Cow indicated their enthusiastic support to the charity with Tunion company, and expressed their wishes to have the collaboration again in the future. 

Then, Mr. Erik from Italy, the designer of the Chuangyi Cow Base, introduced his design concept of this building. He said, he was grown up on the boat, and fell in love this old factory on the first sight. Since then, he determined to change it into a well-arranged innovation space by using the sewage treatment plant structure. Under his transformation, the dirty and dark factory was changed into this modern amusement park of designers. The structure of this building displayed their open-minded thinking and courage to break traditional principles. Because they spent a lot effort on this building, Erik said, he will keep working on the interior decoration. We believe this Chuangyi Cow Base will bring a fresh start to the community.    

Celine from the Net Dye studio brought a sketchpad after the introduction of Erik, and invested guests to do random creation paintings under the expected theme of “ Happy Cow”. This painting will keep in the dairy base to memory this event. In addition, as the representative of studio, Celine donated a few oil paintings for charity, most of which were come from guests. 

The ceremony and the donation was closed around 5:30 pm. Andy, the manager of Tuinion company, handed the money to the stuff of Chuangyi UP. According to statistics, we got 19341 RMB from this charity, 6447 copies of free lunch in total. Two volunteers participated this charity expressed sincere thanks. With Miss Ru Li, they awarded certificates to volunteers for their help during this event. 

Even though the activity was closed, the torch of love is still passing on and on. One volunteer, a freshman from Fudan University said, this is her first time to be a volunteer, and this is the first time for her to know more about charity. Charity is not a slogan, but a service to the society by our own efforts. We hope they can feel the warmth and love from the society. 

Let's look back the past wonderful week: on Oct. 10th, Chuangyi UP and Chuangyi Cow confirmed this charity activity and handed out invitation to volunteers. Oct. 11th, the first volunteers were ready. In the following three days, they used spare time to decorate the hall with Chuangyi UP. The donation from Tunion company was created by them as a “Innovation Home Store”. 

After informed of this activity, the World Federation of Chinese National Culture Arts initiated to provide assistance. Oct. 14th, the official charity was started. A lot students came to be volunteers during weekends. Oct. 16th, We got more than 10, 000 RMB. Celine, the boss of Net Dye studio, donated many oil painting collections. Oct. 18th, we held the closing ceremony and donated all the money from this event.   

Although we met a lot unexpected difficulties, it turned out to be better than expected with the help from all over the society. Chuanyi UP got full positive energy. People were full of enthusiasm in decorating of the hall, selling of loving supplies. The lunch for volunteers was delivered by Xinjun Catering. Because of these assistance, we successfully closed this event. 

Niuniu sincerely thank to you all! Thanks to everyone who care the mountain children! Thanks to all your hard working!