Volunteer in Guangzhou was first recruited to the Free Lunch Management Council 

Free Lunch Foundation hosted a spectacular birthday party with the New Express for Free Lunch in Apr. 3rd, 2014. Half a year past, the influence and recognition of Free Lunch in Guangzhou were increasing. 

(School gates)

According to the reports, Free Lunch Schools were increased to 5 from the original 3 in Guangdong province. The two new schools were predicted to open free lunch to kids at the end of the year. In addition, the volunteer team is dramatically increasing in Guangzhou which was not the main team before. A few days ago, Pan Ye, the first volunteer in Guangzhou, successfully became a member of the Free Lunch Foundation Management Council.

Funding was used for children convinced the citizens

Even though the Free Lunch has hosted for more than three years. However, the recognition to Free Lunch was accumulated bit by bit for Guangzhou citizens since the first birthday celebration. The New Express has the opportunity to witness the bonding of neighborhood with Free Lunch in the past three years. Just like the Free Lunch sponsor, the director of Phoenix Weekly reporter, Mr. Fei Deng said, “Countless small streams converge to form a large river.” 

(Teachers’ lunch)

Because of the similar charity organization crisis, Guangzhou citizens doubted to Free Lunch as well during these years. Until now, a lot Guangzhou “Free Lunch” volunteers hold doubt and critical attitude to investigate “Free Lunch”. Fortunately, they were confirmed that the Free Lunch Foundation was truly used on children. 

(Children with free lunch)

Currently, the Free Lunch volunteers from Guangzhou has become to the main team in the whole country. Pan Ye, the Wechat manager of “Guangzhou Free Lunch Volunteer Team”, became one of the five members in the Free Lunch Foundation Management Council. 

The new schools will open the free lunch at the end of the year

Guangzhou volunteer team launched an unannounced visit to those schools which opened free lunch to children in Jun. 2014 in Wechat, Surprisingly, many people responded and agreed to this activity. 

(Teachers’ office)

To this, Pan Ye did not show any surprise, “ we believe, nobody can resist the expectation expression in those children’s eyes. Moreover, we still have 61 million children left in the countryside, and approximately 200 million people in poverty. Actually, we need more and more volunteers joining into our Free Lunch charity team.”

(Building of teachers)

Even more amazing during the investigation of free lunch schools, volunteers found two more candidate free lunch schools, one is in Xinfeng district of Shaoguan, and the other one is in Lianping district of Heyuan. These two schools will open free lunch before Dec. 


Except volunteers, donation from citizens is increasing rapidly. Pan Ye believed that, the birthday celebration has great influence on companies.   

(Children with lunch)

Lukfood Jewellery, established the jewellery basement in Nansha, Guangzhou, and Free Lunch Funding signed strategic cooperation agreement in Apr. 2014. In Oct. 17th, the first Poverty Day in China, they held the ceremony and announced that, from now on to Feb. 28th, 2015, every single sale on the charitable gift edition of diamond pendant and perfume bottle in any Lukfood Jewellery Branches in the world, the Lukfood Jewellery will donate 50 RMB to the Free Lunch Foundation. 

Here, Niuniu thanks the trust and love from the increasingly Free Lunch volunteer team and all Guangzhou citizens. Also, Niuniu thanks the enthusiasm and support of Lukfood Jewellery to Free Lunch. Free Lunch will work harder for children in the countryside!