Translator: Zoe Zeng

“lunchman is coming” was on shocking release on 24 October.

On 24 October, FLFC cooperated with Public Welfare Care Department of Peking University J&J Tomorrow Leader School (PKU TLS), Peking University Health Science Center Youth Volunteers Association to hold the first “Lunchman is coming” in Beijing. Also thanks to help from Voice of PKU HSC Radio Station, PKU HSC Rollerblading Club and teachers from the Party and CYL committee of PKU HSC, the activity passed off successfully. The love from all the participants climaxed the passionate activity sence.

“You challenge and I donate lunch”

At 11:30, when the main street was getting crowded, lunchman’s battle of PKU HSC formally kicked off.

1. Holing up on a plank   men 1min/ women 40s

Plank or not, it is a question.

Due to the volunteers’ effort of the publicity, the passing students stopped to listen to the introduction of FLFC from the staff and took part in the challenge.

Picture 1 The crowd of spectators and the lunchman who was taking part in the challenge  It was a pageantry! There were 3 challengers on every yoga mat at the same time. Students were so enthusiastic! Cang Niuniu was so moved~)

Students who challenged the game were gelivable: they 1min, 2 min and even 30min. (though the standard of this pose needed to be weighed, their willpower was worth admiration.) Everyone who succeeded in the challenge received a little bookmark which was made to order from the project team. There were many students entered themselves for the “Lunchman triathlon” team race in the afternoon after their challenges, hoping to donate more free lunches to children in the mountainous areas.

Picture 2 Group photo of some members from the plank game project team  We thank the tuhao friends of PKU TLS for selfless sponsorship and their assistance throughout the activity.

At noon, team members and volunteers were surrounded by students’ passion and the activity did not stop until 13:30. After a short rest and preparation, the “Lunchman triathlon” team race began at the main street at 14:00.

2. “Lunchman triathlon” team points race

People mountain people sea

The rapturous atmosphere of the activity exceeded our expectation! As a result, we use the English sentence above to describe it is most desirable. But sometimes people were too happy to notice the cars which is so dangerous when recalling.


The challenges of “Lunchman triathlon” was more interesting and abundant than the plank game so that it surely could attracted more donations for the poor children in the mountainous areas.

1.”Hula reciting word” let everyone gasp for breath and rack their brains

2. “Free hug with passers-by” was full of loves and joys.

3. “A song for you” was a cosy moment.

Picture 3 The beautiful lunchwoman who was playing Hula Hoop in the “Lunchman triathlon”.

Picture 4 The handsome lunchman was playing Hula hoop. It’s surprising that a boy can play Hula hoop so well and Cang Niuniu remember that he did very well in the “Free hug” too.

Picture 5 The girl was challenging the “Free hug”. It seemed that time stopped when they hugged together with full of love.

Picture 6 The two winner of “Free hug with passers-by”  They hugged with more than 40 passers-by in 5 minutes, which made us feel so warm.

"A song for you " was also wonderful. Though there were crowded with people, students sang without shyness. After warming up in last two games, students’ enthusiasm reached the climax and they sang songs to express themselves. From public welfare songs which were full of positive energy to the relaxing Next Crossing, then the memory of childhood—Huluwa, we were surrounded by laughers.

Picture 7 Group photo of perfect lunchman partners after the race  The expressions of this two participants showed their exultation. Look at the team members and volunteers behind, thanks for their devotions. 

Because of the high enthusiasm, the race which was expected to end at 16:30 increased duration. Although the sun was sinking and the dusk was coming, there were still many people hoping to give a hand to the children, which made the staff feel moved. However, all good things must come to an end. We could only say sorry and end this activity though there were many people who wanted to take part in the games.

At last, all team members passionately sang the song Love Each Other together in front of the stand, which ended the activity successfully.

Picture 8 Project team members were singing Love Each Other together.

724 Free Lunches

The activity is end, but the love of donating free lunch for children from everyone will not end!

At the activity, Public Welfare Care Department of PKU TLS donated 724 free lunches in total, which added up to 2172 yuan.

Finally, Cang Niuniu congratulates the successful ending of the “Lunchman is coming” again. Congratulate all the lunchman for challenging successfully! Thank all the staff who assist the project. Also we want to say thank you to the brothers and sisters on behalf of the children in mountainous areas.