Author: xueying

Translator: Stella

On October 31, the Halloween, the FLFC charity bazaar--- when there is love there is FLFC which was held by BeiDuoCai kindergarten in Chengdu and HeLeBuWei was kicked off in BeiDuoCai kindergarten.

The activity was the first charity bazaar after the HeLeBuWei harvested the rice in Yinchuan. Although it was rainy that day, the parents, teachers and the children still shown their great enthusiasm to the public welfare. The activity was full of lively atmosphere. With the participation of the parents ,teachers and the children, the autumn sports meeting of BeiDuoCai kindergarten and the FLFC charity bazaar which have been prepared for a long time were held successfully and the curtain descended on the activity.

There is no free lunch in the world, but the power of love is unlimited. When there is love there is FLFC. It was Halloween when the activity was conducted. It was also the favorite date of the children. The Jack-o-lanterns, witch hat and the devil cloak are the favorite dressing of the children on Halloween. Children were accompanied by their parents and friends. The played with each other happily and had a memorable and meaningful Halloween. And the children in remote mountain areas received their holiday gifts as well this year, because love are burning, love are delivering.

In the activity,  the colleagues of Holistic management team of the branch office of Manulife-Sinochem Life in Sichuan also participated in the charity bazaar actively. The rain could not stop their enthusiasm. Many parents, teachers and children were moved by their sincerity and true feeling, and they shown their compassion one after another.

Thanks for the participation of the compassion public figures who contributed money, volunteer families, volunteer kids, staff of each executable unit and the volunteers of the FLFC. When there is love there is FLFC--- Halloween sports meeting of BeiDuoCai kindergarten which was also the charity bazaar of free lunch has raised 9500 yuan with the great effort of people who participated in it. Kids’ eager of love was distilled into the donations. Thanks for the great effort of the teachers and students of BeiDuoCai kindergarten and the mothers of the House Committee. Thanks for the advertisement which could not be resisted by the rain or shine of the  Holistic management team of the branch office of Manulife-Sinochem Life in Sichuan. Thanks the volunteers of the FLFC for  sparing no pains to popularize the activity. Our world is becoming better and better because of you. HeLeBuWei thanks for the great effort of each compassion public figure.

We believe that when there is love, there is FLFC.

Special explanation: The modern agricultural cooperatives of regime and the people's livelihood of Yongning County in Ningxia province donated a ton of non polished rice in this activity. All of the money from the rice bazaar will be donated to the FLFC above board.

Special thanks to the organizer,BeiDuoCai kindergarten in Chengdu and the co-organizer,  the branch office of Manulife-Sinochem Life in Sichuan.