In villages hidden in mountains, far away from cities, there are many kids from families stricken in poverty. For them, even receiving education is a difficult struggle. But they have not given up on their way to seek knowledge. To get to school, the kids must overcome difficulties such as poverty and the long distance to school. For lunch, those who had a slightly better family situation stuff themselves with cold rice or dried pieces of sweet potatoes, and the majority that do not go through lunch break with nothing .Their have a simple wish that one day, they shall no longer have to go by with little or no food and stay hungry for the whole day.

"It is the hope of all of us to save the kids from hunger!" This is not only a slogan for the "Free Lunch for Children" project, but also the voice deep down in the hearts on every person or company that takes up responsibility for the world.

On November 8th, 2014, in JiangXi exhibition center,Free lunch for children and JiangXi XinLiZhiDi together started the ceremony for the Charity fund that helps children in poverty grow up in a healthy way".On the day of the ceremony, the Charity organizatin of Xin Li donated one million yuan to Free Lunch for Children to provide lunch for kids in poverty in the mountainous reigions of JiangXi province. It will server to save them from hunger and let them grow up healthily. Xin Li also introduced the citizens to its new product, the Xin Li Discovery Bay.

Xin Li Zhi Di would like to join hands with more companies and organizations with the aim of ensuring the healthy development of the kids on their road to a better future.

Besides helping kids in poverty get their free lunch, Xin Li Zhi Di has a fund to help with charities of all kinds. Its concept of building a beautiful city is not only based on the innovative designs of buildings and blocks, but also the inner beauty of the society. To achieve its goal of constructing an ideal city, it tried hard to do more on helping others have a better life. It will never stop to improve itself and grow to be a model enterprise with a high responsibility to society, In short, a backbone of the development of the society.

Now, Can Niu Niu, representing the village kids in JiangXi Province, thank JiangXi XinLiZhiDi for its charity,which helped the kids living in mountainous regions feel the warmth of love and caring in the cold winter.