Author: FLFC Guangdong Executive team

Editor: Yin Qinzi

FLFC is a circle. Each team is a constellation and volunteers are shining stars, enlightening the night when we unite together. The team is a river and becomes the sea after merging every creek; the team is a wood and withstands storms with its varied trees. As volunteers, the members of FLFC are gathering and cooperating together. With devotion and profession, they build a bright road ahead for the children by working with each other.

The volunteer team is a significant power and precious treasure of the FLFC at present. CangNiuniu then will introduce you our volunteer team one by one and today we'll share the story of the Guangdong Executive team.

Guangdong, a prosperous and plain province, connects the north and the south and promoting the development of the era. Besides its fantastic natural views and resourses, Guangdong also represents a booming economy of China with an advanced thought and a generation of young people who are caring and benevolent for our society. And those young men and ladies of the Guangdong Excutive Team in Free Lunch Project are the ones.

FLFC Guangzhou Volunteer team was set up on January 10, 2013. Then, the Campus Group was created at the porpuse to manage primary schools of Free Lunch Project in different areas. On January 23, 2016, the Campus Group changed its name to FLFC Guangdong Executive team and became a professional volunteer team in the FLFC areas, with the mission to cooperate with the FLFC School Service Center and assist the volunteer work in Guangdong.

There are 16 members in the Guangdong Executive team now, including 4 key members, 6 assistant members and 6 stand-by members. As the key volunteers of the team, Ye Jianxin and Wang Zhiyong will give overall consideration to the team development and lead the team to the right direction. Meanwhile, the team consists of assistants, copywriter, Weibo publicity group, meeting minutes group and school contact group. Those 16 members are responsible for different work and cooperate with each other to make the team develop in a better and more efficient way. 

The main responsibilities of the Guangdong Executive team:


1. Working as a bridge of communication among FLFC, primary schools in Guangdong and the donation corporations, delivering messages and making the work go orderly. 

2. Visiting the FLFC schools irregularly, checking the schools’ sanitary conditions, supervising the work schedule and ensuring the work is strictly ordered.

3. Searching for suitable schools to cooperate with and leting the children in need  benefit effectively from our program and optimizing the allocation of resources. 

4. Managing the volunteers, adjusting the structure of the team, optimizing the volunteer resources and creating a more efficient and well-organized volunteer team. 

Untill 2015, there are 6 primary schools cooperating with FLFC in Guangdong and 3 applying for the free lunch plan. From now on, the Guangdong Executive team will keep trying and searching for schools in need in Guangdong and let the FLFC help more children. We hope that more people will join the Guangdong Executive team and step forward together!


Welcome to follow the FLFC Guangdong Executive team Weibo account and join the QQ group (344825388) to contact us.


I am Ye Jianxin, from FLFC Guangdong Executive team. In December of 2011, I happened to donate the FLFC bookmarks and postcards and then I got to know the FLFC, so I became a volunteer of FLFC and took part in the establishment of the Guangzhou volunteer team. It hase been 4 years since I  joined the FLFC and now I am busier but younger and stronger.


I am Wang Zhiyong,I was influenced by my friend, Ye Jianxin, because he always shared FLFC news and programs in the Wechat moments. Then I joined the FLFC Guanzhou volunteer team in June of 2014 and participated in the establishment of Guangdong Executive team. FLFC is a platform that makes me happy and it’s a pleasure that I can help the children in mountain areas have hot meals happily. I hope that I can keep on helping more children and cooperating with more schools in Guangdong.


I am Li Rongrong, I knew the FLFC through Qiaohui and followed the Weibo of FLFC, finding that it was a responsible and efficient charity organization. I was appealed and joined the FLFC in October, 2014. There are many interesting people here so that I become cheerful and make acquaintance with new friends.


I am ZhiLijian, a volunteer of FLFC Guangdong Executive team. In 2015, I took part in the return banquet of FLFC, but I knew little about FLFC before this activity. I found that two schools were in my hometown, Huaiji, in the meeting and felt this organization was warm. I always want to join a volunteer organization, so I expected to join FLFC.

After I joined the FLFC in June of 2015, I find myself comprehending the word “charity” more profoundly. At the same time, I find my life more colorful with the new friends I meet in FLFC, from whom I encounter a lot and widen my horizon.


I am Liu Cancan from the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. I knew the FLFC through the volunteer recruitment in June of 2015. As I got close to the FLFC, I was in favor of the ideas of FLFC and found it meaningful, so I joined the FLFC, hoping to make a contribution to it. I have always been feeling that joining FLFC is a wonderful experience. I have learned and changed a lot, such as communication and cooperation skills. Anyway, I will keep trying and do my best.


I am Wang Yuyao from the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. Influenced by my sisiter Xiaolu, who was in the FLFC Guangzhou team, I knew more about FLFC and became interested in it. It's meaningful that I made many benevolent friends and we are considerate of each other through effective communication when connecting the schools with the team.


I am Wei Qiuxi from the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. I happened to know FLFC and Xin through my friend in Red Cross of school in 2015 and I was always wanting to make more friends and share my love to the children in mountainous areas. On the one hand, as I have to keep account of the schools every day, I become more careful in case of any mistake which will make the whole account wrong; on the other hand, I broaden my horizon through the new friends I meet and cherish my present life after knowing the children’s starving lives.


I am Yang Hui from the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. I joined the FLFC Guangdong University Students Camp in 2014 but changed to the Guangdong Executive team because I wanted to confirm some ideas and resolve doubts. Frankly, I know a group of amazing people and the floating price which I haven't met before.


I am He Xina from the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. I joined the FLFC with desire and opportunity. Since I joined the FLFC, I have knewn more friends and focused more so that I am delighted though I may be sometimes busy.


I am Huang Bimei, a stand-by member of the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. Influenced by my families, I am always dreaming to be a volunteer. When I followed the Wechat account and QQ group of FLFC, I was moved by members' benevolence. After that, I make charity become a custom and enrich my life as I believe that I will be brave everywhere with love in my heart.


I am Guru, a stand-by member of the FLFC Guangdong Executive team. I was promoted by my high school classmate Rongrong and then I joined the team. With experience of these few months, I think it's valuable to take part in some meaningful activities in my spare time. I make many new friends here and we are always happy in every activity, feeling life become cheerful with them as I love liveliness.


I am Qi Yijia, I happened to know the team through an article and found it interesting after searching on the Internet. I really admire the volunteers who use their real actions to make the FLFC dream into reality. With the hope of helping children in remote areas, I joined the FLFC. From then on, I focused more on these volunteer information.


I am Mo Jiehuan and joined the FLFC Guangdong Executive team in 2015, hoping to assist more work and help more children.


I am Luo Yingrou. I knew the FLFC through the activities of university in 2015. I joined the FLFC because I wanted to share my love with children. Although I haven't done any task yet, I realize that we have to use our actions to share our love when feeling the devotion and love from the members of Schools Group, especially our group leader, Xin.


I am Zhou Yingqing and joined the FLFC Guangdong Executive team in September of 2015. Although I haven't contacted the schools, I feel the world warmed by observing the volunteers' work.

The moon and star are benevolent. Only the eyes in dark can scoff at the dark; only the people who come home in the late evening can go through the invisible bramble. The truth of life is love so that many beautiful things come true just like the white feather flying in the sky. We should keep our faith when devoting ourselves in which we can understand values of the life. Although we can't resist disasters and pains before they come, but we can gather our love and power to face them. Although everyone of us is weak and lonely, but we can let others feel the warmth by taking actions gradually every day.

We are FLFC Guangdong Executive team. We are ready to be hand in hand with you and devote our love with more people.