Free Lunch for Children is at her age of five now.

On May 21, FLFC’s fifth anniversary press conference “Together with Love and Walk with Partners, was held at Hunan University under the Yuelu Mountain. China Social Welfare Foundation Free Lunch For Children Foundation, government officials, public welfare experts, donation representatives and volunteer representatives witnessed and looked ahead the growth path of FLFC.

The conference was host by Liu Fangfei, famous hostess from CCTV, Zhao Pu, former host of CCTV and Li Rui, famous host from HNTV.

At this conference, Deng Fei introduced the plan “Charity Partners in Schools and started to build up the new organization model “finding partners + delegating power + self-motivation”, in order to create new power for the five-year old FLFC’s activities.

Now, let us review the path of FLFC in 2015 at Can Niuniu’s Birthday family gathering.



Before the conference, a three minutes warm-up video was played.

The warm-up video showed the further upgraded activity of FLFC—in 2014, “FLFC Plan of A Bowl of Bouilli” was first introduced to the village high school campus in Anhua, Hunan, providing all the high school students a meat dish every week.

In Hunan, FLFC has created models such as “Xinhuang Model”, “Love Savings”, and initiated charity activities such as “Plan of A Bowl of Bouilli” and “Love Keys” as well. Hunan has been supporting every change of FLFC in the last five years.



Qi Xuesen, chairman of China Social Welfare Foundation, and Chen Wei, deputy Party secretary of Hunan University, gave a speech.


Hu Yihua, secretary-general of China Social Welfare Foundation gave a financial report of FLFC in 2015.

FLFC had a good financial state in 2015, with revenue of 59.33 million yuan and growth rate of 43%. The expense was almost 39.16 million yuan, including donation 34.82 million yuan, accomplishing the early plan successfully.

The annual expense of FLFC in 2015 can be separated into three major parts: business activities cost for 36.06 million yuan, fundraising cost for 1.2 million and management cost for 1.9 million yuan. The business activities cost involves donation and project execution cost. 34.82 million yuan of donation in 2015 was for school funding, with 75 new project schools, covering 25 provinces and areas and approximately 150 thousand people.

Hu Yihua said, thanks to the trust and support from donators, partners and volunteers, FLFC had a satisfying financial state in 2015.



Deng Fei gave a speech for the fifth anniversary of FLFC

Deng Fei gathered the charity partners up and expressed that the FLFC would become further socialized.

He said, “We believe that as we grow up, when facing the social problems, except for complaints, there will be actions, in addition to fights, there will be changes, in spite of destroys, there will be creations.”


Famous hosts and hostess, Li Rui, Li Fangfei and Zhao Pu were awarded as love ambassadors.

Zhao Pu brought FLFC to the children in his hometown Anhui in 2015, and Li Rui and Li Fangfei showed that this day, they would also use the way of FLFC to contribute their hometowns.

Some of the FLFC charity partners were awarded


The best charity partners


The excellent teachers


The excellent cooks


The excellent volunteer


Campus charity partners


Charity supporters for five years


Charity fundraising partners 




At the love auction, three items were sold about 150 thousand in total.


Tian Yuan, a sand painting artist, gave a performance at the conference.


All the guests took photos together

This big charity event was end here, while charity would never end.

FLFC accepts challenges and trainings and grows up naturally and strongly every day. We believe that actions and changes can create a better society.

In these five years, we are appreciating to have you.And we hope you can constantly witness the changes and growths of FLFC.