I, in the center of country sea, whether the sun beats on my head or snowflakes flutter about, work hard year after year. I hope my efforts can guarantee that there is enough petroleum for people’s vehicle and country warships with a long voyage.

  I, a staff in CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Coporation), belong to a little-known group.


  He, in the different parts of China, whether in noisy streets of cities or in the deepth of mountains, it is easy to find his busy figure. His efforts let many students attend class without hunger and let them have a respectable childhood.

  He, a member of FLFC’s volunteers, belongs to a group who are aimed to let children have enough to eat in needy regions of China.

  I have heard of a saying like “A very sound thing just happened. Although it looked like naturally, it was already fated.”

  So it does when I think back now. On a day in 2012, when I was before the fancy fair of FLFC, I made friends with FLFC’s companions and affected by their sincere love. Then I took part in the big family of FLFC firmly and enjoyed.


  I participated in FLFC’s activities, including the cooperative discussion with ardent enterprises, offline charitable sale, online promotion and fund-raising. Although tired, when I saw increasingly enthusiastic people know and join FLFC, more montanic children have nutrient lunch, I knew what I had done was worthy.

  When I came back to work at the sea, watching the hardworking and loving brothers around me, I thought that how to combine CNOOC with FLFC.

  Thus, I set about publicizing FLFC for my colleagues, from its nature, aim, publicity of funding to children who benefitted from FLFC.


  To my suprise, a tossed stone could raise a thousand ripples. Not only did the brothers around me were glad to join FLFC, but also the management of our platform particularly supported it and suggested to participate in activities of FLFC in a long run.

  To act without delay is our feature in CNOOC.

  The manager of the platform organized a staff meeting with me. We explained the background of FLFC to staff in details, introduced that what kind of children benefitted from FLFC and how to know the use of each goodness-sum through the official website of FLFC.

  We took advice from all staff in the meeting. Finally, we were supported by all members to join and subsidize FLFC consistently and persistently.


  Since the first intimate contact with FLFC in 2014, until 2016, the companions in CNOOC PY51B have donated FLFC together for many times. In the future, I believe that there will be more different cooperation between the two warm groups.


  These years after meeting FLFC, it brings the kind breeze into our hearts from motherland, which lets us who are in the center of the boundless sea to feel that we are together with chinese children. This year is the first fifth anniversery of FLFC, and afterwards there will be more five-year. Congratulate FLFC!”

  With my repetative invitation, the shy manager Duan Guoyou of our platform said something to congratulate FLFC.


  He said, “Thanks for FLFC, I find that people’s love has not disappeared in the blundering society. Thanks for FLFC, I am able to do more things for others. Thanks for FLFC, we who live a wandering life at the sea have a trustworthy and relieved channel to tell chinese children:

  You are our hope! We love you!

  article丨Li Yuhui