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The shocking figures 

Nowadays, it can find people waste precious rice everywhere in big cities and people always make up sensible excuses for their waste. For example, "sometimes we order too much by accident", "to court the customers should not save this little money certainly.", "it makes you look good to order abundantly." it seems that people are good at using excuses for themselves inherently. 




However, the cruel reality shocks us while people are wasting

food as a habit. Unexpectedly! There is one child dying for

hunger per 6 second in the world. In China, there are still 50 

million children living in hunger.




Commonweal Behavior Act ,the Newborn Food


the Newborn Food


The living conditions of countless foodies are on the way to 

eat or seek restaurants. If coming to Shanghai some restaurants

now, you can taste delicious food, besides enjoying a different

behavior art, called "the Newborn Food". Hearing this name,

maybe the experienced foodies would think that is a molecular 

gastronomy or a special hybridized creative ingredient.

Absolutely no, it is an activity published by restaurants and FLFC,

the commonweal organizations. The aim is to charity free lunches

for the poor children who bear the hunger living in remote

mountain area. Many people often are not aware that a grain 

of rice that you waste is so precious to those poor kids when you 

glut yourself with delicacies.

Customer can see the restaurant cook uses the wasteful food openly to remake delicious meals. Also, restaurant will record the processes into new electronic menu and customers can watch the whole video during ordering meals.

Click and watch the complete video

 http://v.qq.com/boke/page/k/x/g/k0303m8huxg.html (Tencent video ) or

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTYwNTM1NDE0MA==.html?from=y1.7-1.2 (Youku link )


The aspirations of customers to "the Newborn Food" 

Many customers have deeply touches and realize themselves as culprits more or less to waste food before.            


                  Mrs. Han

                “I feel so guilty after watching a video and feel myself not to be a good example to children, there is inevitably to wastes food in daily life, but I won’t waste food again in the future. We should help those poor kids in poor areas, because that is in our powers.”              2020.webp.jpg

                  Xiao Ran 

“Oh my god, I go pink. It should not be thrown away that we could not finish our meal ago. My boyfriend and I will mutually supervise together and insist never waste food again.” 


                  Mr. Shen

                 "It is too ashamed that we still waste rice, but the kids suffer from hunger in the poor area. I will eat what I order in the future and hope that I can contribute to donate the poor children. This kind of commonweal activity makes much sense, give us a lesson."


             Less waste and Do public service conveniently 


The food you waste is the poor children longing for a meal. Actually everyone can be easily done public service conveniently, but many of them do not realize it. Only you are just less waste in daily life,but also helping the poor children now. It is very meaningful for children.

 We, everyone ever are a child. While you are less waste, more charity, the childhood of poor children will be completely different.






Thanks to cooperation restaurants:

         CGourmet seafood restaurant

         JR Recipe 

         DEMO Café

         OLA Bar & Restaurant

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