The difficult beginning

Yangwu primary school in Wangdun village Duchang county is located in the midwest of Duchang county of Jiujiang city in Jiangxi province. It belongs to the outlying poverty-stricken mountin area which is at the distance of over 80 kilometers away from Jiujiang city and 30 kilometers away from the county. In this area, there are 19 villages containing around 2300 people. Villages main sources of income rely on growing rice and cotton, and going out to work.


The FLFC school--Yangwu primary school in Wangdun village Duchang county

Due to the inconvenient transportation and tough conditions, many young teachers are not willing to come. There are 135 students divided into 6 classes while there are only 9 teachers, almost each of them teaching two lessons or undertaking all courses of a class. Yangwu primary school is seriously short of teachers and the living condition here is quit inconvenient for teachers and students.


They were having a class.


At break time, children played happily even though there was no sports equipment.


Happy children in their games

Most students spend over 40 minutes walking to the school, and the farthest one needs more than an hour. Over 95% of these students are left-behind children. Before FLFC came, they brought lunch by themselves, or waited for their parents, or bought instant noddles and cookies, or even ate nothing with hunger.


Parents who sent lunch to their children.


Grandma, I wanted to have lunch.


The grandfather brought fine dried noodles in watery soup to grandchildren.

That was childrens lunch.


Without FLFC, fine dried noodles in watery soup was my lunch.


She walked to the school nearly one hour every day, carrying on lunch for 5 grandchildren.


Grandma, my classroom was there.


Very hungery? Dont worry, please slowly.


Day after day, year after year, until childrens graduation

Finally, the 60-year-old grandmother needed not to across the mountains with a great deal of burden for childrens lunch.

The happy turning point

Being grateful to the love and care of people from China Social Benefits Lottery Commision and other places, Yangwu primary school was designated as a FLFC school, wich dealt with troubles that students went across the mountains with dust in sunny days or mud in rainy days, that parents snatched a little time from busy life to send lunch to children, and that some students had cold meals or even starved.


A happy day, as FLFC has come.


Haha! We are able to enjoy steaming free lunch finally.


Look, this is our lunch.


How goluptious the steaming lunch is!


The nutritional free lunch with meat and vegetables

In January 18,2013, Yangwu primary school started offering free lunch to children. The volunteer music box donated 100 yuan and the East China Market donated 15 lamps. Additionally, there were totally 13 people that took part in this activity, including the volunteers Mingyue, happy brother, silent floccule, Huyou, being as happy as flowers,  a beam of sunlight, Nong Binshang, Yuner, Ms Yu, monitor Xiang Dong(a party representative of the 17th National Peoples Congress of Jiujiang telecommunication office in Jiangxi province) and the journalists Wu Xueqian, Qi na the photo taker Cheng Wei.


Like a grant festival, people got together to celebrate the start of FLFC.


Finally they had free lunch.

Happy students and volunteers


The lunch was delicious, thank you.


The party representative of the 17th National Peoples Congress Xiang Dong got along with children.

The love relay

In March 27, we visited FLFC schools in Duchang and Pengze county, giving 50 boxes of navel oranges donated by Ms. Manjia @cherry and other materials including cloths and quilts donated by Warm Current-----Vipshop.com.


Thanks for those caring people who let us not only have steaming free lunch but also sweet fruit.


After lunch, we ate navel oranges. Lunch was palatable and navel oranges were sweet.


The navel orange was really sweet.


Could I bring the orange back home to grandparents?

In April 18, the FLFC school in Duchang county delivered 20 boxes of Jinding Rapeseed Oil(4 Pot*5 L/ Box) provided by China Grain Reserves Corporation.


Jinding Rapeseed Oil donated by China Grain Reserves Corporation


Thank you.


Uncle, please take a photo for me.

Photograph|Ming Yuexiang

There is a love, like the fine dried noodles in watery soup, simple and pure.

There is a love, like the sweet navel oranges, sweet and fetching.

There is also a love, just like FLFC, strong and hopeful.

I still remember fine dried noodles in watery soup those years and I will cherish and be grateful to FLFC these years.

●  ●  ●

1467783674639192.jpgMing Yuexiang

A volunteer of caring home association in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province. He is Mingyue brother who pays attention to childrens life in countries with his camera.