Probably you are in the “millennium ancient capital”, Xi'an.

Probably you are in the great “River Town”, Wuhan.

Probably you are in the “Spring City” with picturesque scenery, Jinan.

Probably you are in the “Coco City” with pleasant weather, Haikou.

Or probably you are in the “Star City” with unique scenery, Changsha.

Do you find out that a little girl with bright smile has appeared in your city?






Hangmei  Jinsheng Advertising Co. Ltd. and Hunan Tesco culture media Co. Ltd. have been up in Xian, Wuhan, Jinan, Haikou, Changsha.

We all can see the little girl with bright smile, holding a bowl, whose smile spreads fulfillment, happiness, grace and the positive energy of public service.

The advertisement in Xian, Wuhan, Jinan and Haikou is sponsored by Beijing Hangmei  Jinsheng Advertising Co. Ltd.










The LED advertisement in Changsha is sponsored by

 Hunan Tesco culture media Co. Ltd.



  【Changsha Avenue】


  【Changsha·South Gate】



【Changsha·Youa Department Store】


  【Changsha·High Bridge】


  【Changsha·Lehe City】


  【Changsha·Lehe City's Garage】




Sincere thanks to Beijing Hangmei Jinsheng Advertising Co. Ltd. for offering free positions.

Because of your support and help, FCLC can be known to more people; also because of your kindness, delicious free lunches are available to more poor children in mountainous areas.



Beijing Hangmei Jinsheng Advertising Co. Ltd.


Since the company setting up, it has become the TV program editing and producing of more than 20000 TV screens and advertisement operating agency of 52 airports and nearly 2000 air lines throughout the country. At present, the company has become the biggest operating agency of domestic air ports and planes in China.


Hunan Tesco culture media Co. Ltd.


The company has got the large-scale outdoor media of all high ways of Hunan Province; Changsha Huanghua International Airport; high-speed stations and metro stations. Now the company has got own  100000 square meter outdoor media and has got LED large Screen simultaneous broadcast net in 25 cities. The company has become one of largest advertising firms in Hunan Province.