Acorrding to social organization new's repots on Augest 3rd, China's social welfare fund rated as 2015 4A class social organization on 2015 assessment of social organizations.

On July 26th 2016, the national social organization evaluation committee held a plenary session and draw the conclusion on the basis of EVALUATION MEASURES FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS and NOTICE ON CARRYING OUT ASSESSMENTS OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATION IN 2015. 

China's social welfare fund was founded in June 14th 2005, was launched by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Social enterprises and caring people give strong support to the organization. China's social welfare fund has made big progress in raising monry and building several commonweal projects.

Up to now, China's social welfare fund carries out more than 70 projects and more than 100,000 people participate in. Among these famous projects are Free Lunch For Children, Mango Micro Fund, Hong Fund, Care for Next Generation Fund.

Free Lunch For Children is a brunch of National Fundation, and was founded in April 2ed 2011. Mr Deng Fei invited 500 journalist, dozen of social mediac and China's social welfare fund to serve children in developing areas and keep them freee from starvation, finally grow up happy.

Five years passed, Free Lunch For Children ran well under supervision of China's social welfare fund and carried out in great force. 

603 schools launched the program and 160746 people received healthy lunch.

Thanks to China's social welfare fund. Free Lunch For Children will continue and you are expected to join us!