Children is our future. Every child, no matter he or she lives in the city or in the rural area, has the right to a balanced diet.

On the 26th of July, 2016, in the Summer New Product Release of Inglemirepharm, a cosmetic company, the CEO, Nicole, officially donated to Free Lunch Fund. The donation provide up to two years’lunch to the students of Xin Miao Gao Long School in Wangdun Village, Douchang Town, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.


Nicole (far right), the CEO of Inglemirepharm is donating to Free Lunch Fund


Besides 1,800 employers of Inglemirepharm downstage, Christine Fan, a well-known Taiwan female singer and actor, who is also the endorser of Inglemirepharm, also witnessed the donation.


Christine Fan, the endorser of Inglemirepharm, attends the release

Christine Fan will continue to present her healthy and positive image to support Inglemirepharm on its plans on charity and public wealth fare, and to bring hope children.


Summer New Product Release of Inglemirepharm

Niu Niu is appreciated Inglemirepharm’s donation. Thanks to your food to the children, thanks for your contribution to the children, and thanks for your support to the charity.

I do believe, with the care and love with all societies around the world, the children in rural area will grow up in a healthy environment.