Niuniu says: she is from a simple and warm kindness and grows up with care and efforts from the increasing number of friends. Now, Niunius footprints have been across most parts of China, which brings warmth and happiness to more and more children.

Niuniu often receives friends greetings, they deeply concern whether children have enough meals, whether they study carefully, whether they have enough clothes, or whether they become taller…

Thus, Niuniu decides to set out, packing the small bag. Niuniu will visit children with your greetings, and reflects childrens current condition to every caring people as well as delivers your best wishes to children.


Shanbei primary school is in Da Xiaolei village, Rongshan town, Linchuan district, Fuzhou city of Jiangxi province, which is at the distance of approximate 19km away from Rongshan town. Because of its remote position we need arrive here by motorbike for about 50 minutes. At present, there are four grades in Shanbei primary school, which are the preschool, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade seperately, containing 6 students, 4 teachers and 1 chef in total. As a school with few people, Shanbei primary school does well in the match of food material that has abundant nutritions and is of high quality.


Shanbei primary school, as its name, is at the back of a mountain, so we need to across the mountain to arrive here.


It is the school that shows the signs of human habitation in the mountain.


The kitchen room is a tile-roofed house near the teaching building.


The kitchen room is clean and tidy.


It seems to come back to grandmothers home. When we were young, grandmother cooked for us similarly.


This is just pot luck, not delicacies of every kind, but with a cozy feel of mothers dish.


We also have home-style dish and grow up.


Both sisters in preschool and older brothers in fourth grade, they have lunch together after school like in home.


The grandmother, brothers and sisters, they are like a family.  

It is really a pleasant thing to make an effort to childrens growth.


Though the house is simple and crude, people who live in it are virtuous. Dark green mosses intersperse on steps and fresh green grass heaves in sight through curtains. Whats more, here is no noise from cars and machines, but a variety of pleasing chirping of birds and insects. Children here are as pure as the nature, and therefore it is a sound thing to let them have nutritional meals and grow healthily.