Niuniu said: she was from a simple but warm kindness and she was growing with care and efforts from the increasing number of friends. Now her footprints could be seen throughout the whole country and she was bringing warm and happiness for more and more children.

  Niuniu often receives friends' greetings. They are concerned about that whether children fill themselves up, whether they study hard, whether they have enough clothes or whether they are taller…

  Therefore, Niuniu decides to start her journey, she's going to visit the children with all the greetings from her friends. She will reflect the current conditions of the children to the every warm-hearted person as well as bringing her best wishes.

  This time, Niuniu steps into south Anhui mountainous. Longshan Village, located in Xiaohe Town, Shitai County, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, is Niuniu's first stop. This school is called Xiaohe Central  School. It is different with the schools which only have 3 or 4 classes. It is a big school because it has more than 400 students. Niuniu has higher expectation with it and the fact didn't let Niuniu down.



  The wonderful playground and teaching buildings look new


The kindergarten is also new with colorful slide


The cooks are working hard



All the equipments are clean


The cooking bench doesn't have any oil stain


The bright and clean canteen


Reserved food sample by rule


The children wash their hands in order before lunch in the lead of teachers


Time to have lunch after receiving their lunches


Listen to the teacher when having lunch


The children are having lunch orderly without teachers


The tableware is collected to be washed

  It is time to say goodbye with the children. The same as every parting, Niuniu was not willing to leave, but the greatest feeling of Niuniu at that time was the pride of Free Lunch for Children. To make every child have good and qualified lunch is our eternal pursuit.