Free Lunch Visits Pinshan Town and Benefit Thousands of Rural Students



Through the tremendous effort of the Pinshan Town government, 5 elementary schools successfully applied Free Lunch. On the 10th of October, Dan Fang, a Free Lunch specialist of West and South region, and Shiqian Zeng, a Free Lunch inspector, inspected the elementary schools in Xinshi Town to learn about the progress of Free Lunch program, accompanied by Jianglong Wang, a local government officer.


They inspect the operation of the cafeterias, how the students having lunch and the procedure of receiving Free Lunch. The staff of Free Lunch recognize the efficiency, the honesty, the standardized management and the strict food safety in the schools.



Students are given their lunch


The staff in Free Lunch is talking with the students



The students are having lunch happily


After the inspection, the staff of Free Lunch hurried back to attend a meeting held by Zhigao Jian,a local government officer, in the meeting room of Education Department Meeting Room of Pinshan Government Administration Central Building. (Pinshan is a poverty village, so the schools are worn-out.However, the government building is splendid as presented in the following picture.)


In the meeting, Dan Fang introduces Free Lunch program and the expansion of Free Lunch in Pinshan Town. Zhigao Jian welcomes the Free Lunch program launched in Pinshan. He introduces the situation of the Town,of the schools, of the students and of the teachers. He hopes to bring in more charity supports in the town, so more poor in the town can be provided helps. 



Taijin Bear, another local government officer, introduces the implement of Improve Nutrition Plan. Free Lunch provides financial help to the government at a perfect time, as the government is broke and cannot offer the meal allowance to pre-school kids and teachers, and the wages of chefs and cooks.Jianglong Huang,another government officer, orders the Pinshan Love Society and other charity societies to cooperate with  Free Lunch.屏山9.png

The Pinshan Government wants the Free Lunch program alleviate the poverty in the village. They hope that the Free Lunch program can be held in all schools in Pinshan Town and 4000 students can be benefited.