“Care about children’s growth by giving them nutritional and free lunch.” Principal Yang ChangWen of Center primary school (in Pozhou town, Dong autonomous county, Xinhuang city) often reminded other teachers.

When it comes to working and studying at school, he emphasized in particular that we should never make profits from reducing lunch fees of students, but guarantee that each penny was spent in improving food for them.

It was the principal Yang’s clear attitute to the use of students’ lunch fees that made the adminstration and quality of lunch at Center primary school aquire good reputation from both students and parents, as well as get recognition of superior leaders.



In a parents’ meeting, some parents asked to taste the school lunch, then principal Yang invited them gladly. After eating, parents were full of praise. One of them impromptu said that students’ lunch of Pozhou primary school was delicious, clean, safe, extraordinary, and over worth 4 yuan.

On 23rd September 2016, Tang ShiQuan (the director of Nutrition Office of Xinhuang Bureau of Education) specially led the supervision group to Pozhou Center primary school, conducting a thoroughly anti-corruption check on the operation of FLFC between 2013 and 2015. The group carefully listened to the report of school lunch, practically looked over the eating place, the storage of food, the work of cleaning and disinfection, the preservation of lunch samples, as well as asked and checked the statistical account and information announcement platform in detail. They full approved the work of students’ lunch in recent years, and required school to well implement the benefical project as before, and meanwhile, to eradicate corruption firmly.

The bulletin board reflected the expenses of food material of Pozhou Center primary school.


"Caring about teachers and students, looking for the truth and being practical, regulating with carefulness"was Yang's working style, which was full reflected on his practice of regulating students' lunch. He often reminded rear service personnel to well monitor the quality of lunch, to purchase through normal channels, to aviod buying food of poor quality, to carry out the plan of FLFC and improving nutrition as requirement, to well account the receipts and payments of food, to fill in the information of lunch on the bulletin board, making them transparent rather than fraudulent. School provides three dish and a soup every day, with different meat and vegetables, to ensure that students have enough and good food to eat. Yang often visited the canteen, supervizing its sanitary condition, having lunch with students and listening to their suggestions. Some students presented that adding less pepper into dish, which drew Yang's attention although it was a minor suggestion. With the improvement of lunch, students have healthy and delicious food, and as a result their health is guaranteed naturally.

▼ The microblog of school recorded students' daily eating.


Principal Yang not only stressed the quality of lunch, but also highlighted the importance of developing students’ good habits when they had meals. For instance, wash hands before eating, do not run around after entering the canteen, line up for lunch instead of jumping the queue, do not speak or walk around when eating, being diligent and thrifty, cherish food and so forth. These minor daily habits were easily neglected by students, thus he asked teachers to supervise and urge students so as to regulate their discipline and etiquette when they had lunch. Due to the effective measures and teachers’ responsible working, children’s bad habits were effectively corrected, which promoted their physical and mental development significantly.

▼  students were well-organized when had meals.


That whether the lunch was good or bad depended on students’ feedback.

“There are more dishes at school than that in my family, and I can often eat fresh vegetables that my home is without.”

“Our lunch is good, including beef, pig’s feet, pork ribs, berghaan... I am full everyday. Now I do not buy Latiao( a kind of spicy refreshments) and instant noodles any more.”

“I am appraised as the star of discipline, as teachers and classmates think I performing well when have meals.”


The voices from the depths of students’ heart, doubtless, demonstrated Yang’s successful regulation of lunch. “Care about students’ growth with nutritional lunch”, which showed principal Yang’s personality charm, also was a raw portrayal of his hardworking in exploring regulation of school and innovative practices with keen determination.

Schools that take part in FLFC are required to report real-time information on their microblog every day.



Pincipal Yang and other teachers abide by the transparent rules of FLFC persistently. As front men of the project, only themselves know about the fussy work. While in order to let each child can enjoy nutritional and free lunch, they persist and make efforts.

FLFC is grateful to everyone like principal Yang who serve children at front line. Thanks for accompanying all the way, since it is your effrots that contribute to children’s smiling face.