On 2nd Nov. 2016, Free Lunch Program officially launch in Gao Long Elementary School in Wangdun village, Duchang Town, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. Gao Long Elementary School is the third school which is benefited from Free Lunch Program in Duchang Town. I remember that, three years ago , the donators and volunteers gathered in the first Free Lunch Program opening in Yangwu Elementary School in Duchang Town. From then on, 140 students in Yangwu Elementary School have the hot lunch provided by the Free Lunch Fund.


18th Jan, 2013, the Free Lunch Program opening in Yangwu Elementary School, Duchang Town

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2nd, Nov. 2016, Free Lunch School

the Free Lunch Program opening in Gao Long Elementary School, Wangdun village, Duchang Town

After the short opening, the volunteers from Love’s Family Charity and the representatives from the business donators made lunch for the students. They also bought some gifts, such as stationary and sport gears to the students. 

In the kitchen, volunteers are cooking lunch for the students


Outside the kitchen, they handle the ingredients

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Everyone gets a present

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The students have new school bags!

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The Students are so happy when they receive the gifts

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The volunteers are playing basketballs with the students

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Playing volleyball

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Gao Long Elementary School was built in 80s. There are 40 students and teachers. Students are from the 8 villages around 4 kilometers from the school. Most of the students are left-behind children. They can’t have a proper meal because either their family are poor or there is no transportation for them to go home and eat lunch. Now, with the donation and help of some companies and volunteers, the students can have a at least worth 4.00 rmb lunch in their school days. The students now can have a nutritious meal. 


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The leader of charitable business: Miss Mengdie He:

In July, we have donate 2 years of free lunch to Gao Long Elementary School. The reason why we visit the students this time is to send them some stationary and necessities.

The female from the second right is Miss Mengdie He


Miss Mengdie He is giving students school bags

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According to the staff from the Free Lunch, there will be the fourth elementary school joining the Free Lunch Program. At that time, there will be more than 350 students can have free lunch.


Yuexiang Min, the vice president of Love’s Family Charity in Jiujiang City and the executive of Free Lunch Program of Jiangxi, said;

Up till now, there are 20 schools joining the Free Lunch Program in Jiujiang. Those school take up a large portion of 500 schools in the nation. The principle of Free Lunch Program is , thought our effort, the students can enjoy welfare and have a nutritious meal.

This is Mr. Yuexiang Min. Everybody calls him “Brother Minyue”.


Brother Mingyue is also a photographer. He uses his camera to record the students’ life in the rural area.


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We are not only building Free Lunch School, but also building our confidence to the future. The ultimate goal of Free Lunch is to provide free lunch for children in rural area.

Keep going!

Special thanks for

All volunteers’ efforts and contribution.