Today is Nov. 8th, it's the time of Journalist's Day again.

In outsiders' eyes, journalist is a kind of busy, excited, mysterious or even cynic occupation. They walk in every corner of society and write down the people and story in the life. They stand in the observatory of society, disclosing secrets and seeking for truths.



The initiator of FLFC Deng Fei

Deng Fei, the initiator of Free Lunch For Children, used to be a investigative journalist. During his 11-year-old journalist life, he wrote down more that 160 investigative report. Five years ago, a lunch from rural areas made him decide to use soft power to replace anger and use great hope to replace dark secret.


The journalists who fight with Deng Fei


The journalists who fight with Deng Fei went to Shaba Elementary School

Therefore, a group of media people flight to Guiyang and a ‘soft’ power was born.

Just around ten days, the first school of FLFC Shaba Elementary School began to organize meal. After that, more and more school joint FLFC and organized meal in rural areas. 



The first school of FLFC (Shaba Elementary School) began to have meal


The photographer of Metropolis Express, Xu Kangping


Former journalist of Metropolis Express, Liu Yang


FLFC the fifth anniversary press conference

The rewarded ‘love partner’ in media industry

FLFC will not forget those media people who fight with us these five years. All the photos, words and layouts work by you become the donation, lunch and smile faces later.

Finally, we know that the power of love is stronger than that of anger. 



April 2nd, 2011, Deng Fei united more than 500 journalists, more than 10 mainstream medias inland and China Social Welfare Foundation to initiated FLFC, a organization provide free lunch for rural students. 


In this age

Someone was forgot

Someone was remembered

Someone gives up

Someone sticks to

We hope all the journalists: 

Happy Journalists' Day!