Throwback to the past times

Memories would never fade

This is the farthest concern that FLFC probably ever received.

Liping Yu, studies in East China Jiaotong University,

Started to be in charge of Jiujiangxiushuijinpen Primary School in the spring of 2016,

Went to Perm, Perm Krai, Russia in the September of 2016,

Stopped the jointing of school to FLFC in the November of 2016.

Although the time she worked was no longer than a year,

Although the time difference brought her some difficulties,

She still obtained her happiness through little things.





If love exists in the little pieces of time,

Then Yilu Yangguang is such a place.

It uses the simplest way to look for every shining star under the vast sky, and then unites them to make a fire, warming the kids who live in poverty.

And you, would also obtain comfort from life in scorched reality, in the same time universe.

I just realized---

I can enjoy the same pleasure every day.

Liping Yu,

Written in Perm, Russia


A Lonely Back Shadow in the Dusk

The father of a girl didn’t perform his duty, the mother of the girl left the family when she was almost one year old and she never returned. The girl’s uncle was deaf and mute; the girl’s grandmother had apoplexy. Her grandpa was the only force supporting this family.

No longer than two years, the girl’s father got remarried and the girl had a new stepmother. However, her father got injured in a car accident and became crippled. Thousands of money had to be spent on therapy for her father, which was a large amount of money for such a family. Furthermore, two newborns came to life, which even increased the burden of this family.

Then, the girl started to go to school. Her school was far from the house. Her house located on the bottom of the mountain. She had no friends living in the same area so she had to go to school by herself. She got up early every day, brushed her teeth, cleaned her face. After eating the leftover from the previous night, she began walking towards the school in the morning dawn.


Although the teacher required a parent to pick up the child every day, the girl’s grandpa was busy farming and didn’t have time to pick her up.

Furthermore, the girl’s grandpa didn’t have time to prepare lunch for her. Usually, she just ran back home and ate something randomly. Then she rushed to the school again.

Without any nutrients, the girl seemed so thin and tiny. Her back shadow in the dusk seemed so lonely.

At that time, the girl was only five years old. That girl was my cousin.



Looking at the kids in the mountain, I……

Every time I think about my cousin's life, I'm full of regret and sorrow.

My family wasn’t very rich at that time as well. Due to various reasons, although I wanted to help but I couldn’t. At the same time, the help is temporary and wouldn’t solve the basic issue.

I always think that if school provides free lunch, how wonderful it would be!

There are so many villages around us. And there are plenty children who need help in those villages.



Although it's a small help, I still enjoyed doing it

In the fall of 2015, I got to know FLFC in a lecture of Yilu Yangguang. After watching the documentary, I realized that several schools in my hometown had already joined FLFC. I couldn’t stop my tears from coming out. I realized for the first time that there is such an organization around me.

If my cousin had good luck, she would have had lunch every day at school.

So I started to learn about FLFC and became a member several months later. As a volunteer for Jinpen Primary School, I spent some free time connecting Yilu Yangguang and the school. Although my help was so little, I was satisfied about it.

Because sharing always bring happiness and warmness.



 I found pure happiness in daily life again

In the modern world, too many intrigues against each other are happening, and innocence and purity are hard to find again.

Luckily, after joined Yilu Yangguang, I felt my life was becoming enriched. Watching the kids eating happily, I always have a smile that derives from my heart.

That harmony was like a slap in my face. I suddenly realized how easy it is for everyone to seek the pure happiness and innocence.


I know that every kid would just be like my cousin, growing up and getting to know life little by little.

But I wish that every kid would have a better childhood than my cousin, and enjoy a life with happiness.


Away from my hometown, I’m still a volunteer of FLFC

This year in May, I received a chance to study in Russia. Without excitement, I was a little worried. Although I knew nothing about the situation I would be in when I’m in Russia, but I didn’t want to give up FLFC. I always remember it because it helps me found innocence and warmness.

Therefore, I went to Perm but I kept my position as a volunteer of FLFC.

My life began a new chapter: learning, traveling and challenging.

The only thing that didn’t change was my concern for FLFC and the kids.

Of course, the 3 hour difference made communication harder. WeChat and QQ seemed like the only tools for communication.

The teachers all understood my problem with time difference.

By now, I’ve been staying in Russia for five months. I’m thankful for the chance that I experienced another form of independence. I appreciate the chance FLFC brought me.


I love FLFC. I love to look at the world from a child’s perspective. It keeps me as myself in the modern world. I would never forget it no matter where I am.

If everyone has to have a belief, I hope I could enjoy life with all my love in limited time.

In fact, love exists in the small pieces of time; love exists in every volunteering work.