It will always be Niuniu’s insistent target and eternal power to protect every child from starvation, to help them grow up healthily and to provide them with adequent supply of foods. This time, Niuniu comes to Central Plains, and to be more detailed it comes to the primary school of Hongshan village which is located at Longjing, Pingqiao in the city of Xinyang, Henan Province.


The school now contains five grades, including kindergarten and grade one to four. And the number of people reaches 110. The school should not be considered as a small scale among todays rural primary schools.


The striking contract between unimpressive gate and bright school house.


The tree-lined campous is full of vitality and flavors.


Students have lined up consciously, waiting for their lunch.


The canteen is a little bit narrow, but is clean and in perfect order.


Students are queuing up for their lunch distribution, without any noise.


Students of junior grade, sitting in the canteen, stare at Niuniu with great curiosity when she is taking photos, regardless of their food.

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 8 (1).JPG

limited by conditions, some students take advantage of a Ping Pong table as a temporary dining table.


Students clean the tableware on their own.


The class on duty is responsible for the cleaning of the canteen.

Primary school of Honshan Village is a school which pays great attention to and focuses on  cultivating children’s ability of self-care and independency. We all hope that each student will be the pillar of the country, embracing all kinds of care and love.