Help children stay away from hunger, let them growth up healthily and make sure every child can eat well, Free Lunch will never give up these goals, but also will never stop the progress.

This time,we will take everyone to the National Center School of Xiuping Township, Hefeng County, Enshi, Hubei Province, which is a nine-year boarding school. The school has 1 to 6 grade and junior high school grades 1 to 3, a total of nine grades of 18 classes.It has 543 students, including 350 boarding students , 68 teachers, 6 chefs , 5 workers.Free lunch cooperate with this school. Let's take a look at this school


Message on banner on the remarks expressed the school's emphasis and seriousness on education.


The Variety of food makes people have a good appetite.






The children are ordered in line to receive lunch, the cafeteria is bright and clean, and the children are smiling.


Dinner scene is full of vitality.


After lunch,children are cleaning their own tableware under the guidance of teacher .Cultivating children’s independence ability is also very important.


The beautiful campus ,at the foot of the mountain, is the first stop for children to reach the vast world, and the wonderful world is waiting for them to experience.


On the way children grow up, they have our  companion and teacher's guidance,what a wonderful thing it is.Lets keep this beautiful thing continue to happen, like the smooth and the spring rain, flows into the heart of millions of children.