Zhu Lei and Deng Fei in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

Within a few days, I am going to Hunan again to participate in the 6th anniversary activity of FLFC.

It is still clear and unforgettable that one year ago I spent three days and two nights in Changsha with great delight.

In the past one year, the commonweal union carried out a new project “to awake heartsdue to the unfortunate death of Jin Bo. Leaded by Deng Fei, members of the commonweal union successfully transfered sorrow into strength and persistently made a step to address another social problem. They hope those young hearts will be as robust as their pace that will not stop easily.

In the past one year, FLFC schools near the frontier of Wenshan have increased by 21. FLFC has fully covered primary schools in Maguan county Renhe town and the diet quality of over 5,000 teachers and students has been improved. We hope that there will be consecutive cooperations between frontier guards and social commonweal organizations to achieve better results and foster significant revolutions.  

In the past one year, I did not represent my insititution to contact and cooperate with the commonweal union like before due to the adjustment of my job. But meanwhile I got rid of many worries as I removed the duty. Because now I am able to apply for the program that is beneficial to my hometown Xichou county via the commonweal union in the name of myself. I look forward to sowing the seeds of hope on the land once claimed by the UN experts as an unsuitable place for human habitation.  

//Many a little makes a mickle//

It is deed not waiting that is hopeful. We should look for a route towards wealth in adversity.

On the 20th March this year, the front-page headline of Peoples Daily was the spirit of Xichou. It is reported that the Xichou county with 260,000 occupants is located in the core areas of stony desertification within the range of three provinces( Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi ). Xichou was once considered to suffer from the ecological cancerdue to its over 70% of the stony desertification ratio. In this impoverished county, however, there is a famous inequation that the municipal investment of 100,000 RMB can create double or triple benefits since the public are willing to devote money or efforts. The sayings  Moving house is inferior to moving stones and bearing the trouble is inferior to dealing with it. It is deed not waiting that is hopeful.which present the spirit of Xichouare written in the wall of the yard of the county committee.

As a person born in Xichou, my brain was filled with enormous thoughts while reading this report. The spirit of Xichou happens to be consistent with the theme of the era, which is Paying lip service is useless while practice makes our country prosperous., and the conception that it will be helpful to cope with social problems via assembling individual strength declared by Deng Fei and the commonweal union. Possibly, the connection between my hometown and the commonweal union is destined.

I wrote down this My hometown has made a progress and I look forward to further development of Xichou with the help of the commonweal union.in the Wechat where I transmitted the report on that day.

Lately, Zhan Bing, a member of FLFC, visited schools in Xichou. I invited him to meet with Lin Dingxin, the leader of county committee of Xichou. Lin took us to visit two schools near the county. Though the roads were rugged and the journey was fatiguing, we pleasantly communicated with each other directed by our same goal and preliminarily reached the consensus that we will introduce FLFC as a pilot program and then gradually introduce other programs of the commonweal union into Xichou.

Several days ago, Dengfei said that he would do something for the future of Wuyi mountainous area. It is necessary for me to go there to see, listen to and learn about his speech——《FLFC promotes the society to energize Chinese county areas》. Because we shall put Deng Feis ideas into practice in the Xichou county soon after.

//On the way//

I will do a familiar thing in an unfamiliar town, Xinhuang of Hunan province, on the 20th May. It is to represent my hometown Xichou at the news conference of the 6th anniversary of FLFC.

I believe that the road towards success is under our feet.

It is promising as long as we persist in making efforts.

Because the future is always beyond our expectation!

Author: Zhu Lei

Producer: Fei Media

Inspector: Piaopiao; Gong WU