September 20, 2017, the 15th national Civic Virtues Day as well as the 12th Civic Love Day in Hangzhou.

There was a launching ceremony of the 12th Civic Love Day held in the lecture hall of the Grand Canal Museum of China.

Credit: The Quick Commonweal

During the ceremony, volunteers of FLFC were awarded the pioneers of love of Hangzhou citizens.we would persist in working hard, always keep a beautiful mind, and pass on the love to more people.

Meanwhile there was a Great Campaign with hundreds of social welfare organizations and love enterprises in the Hangzhou Canal Square outside. The campaign included the display of various public welfare projects, the charity sale, carrying out the fundraising of Civic Love Day, and providing all citizens with public services.

Credit: The Quick Commonweal

Though its rainy in Hangzhou, the volunteers of FLFC and Chinese Rural Childrens Joint Commonweal arrived early at the Canal Square and began to decorate their booth.

The heavy rain could not withstand the gathering of love as people continuously came to the booth to consult how to help rural children.

Notably, a grandmother wanted to donate a bag and other stationery to rural children. She asked booths one by one about whether these items could be received. When she knew that we could meet her need, she put down the bag and said,“kindness always begets kindness.”, and then left in a hurry. The weather was cold, but we were warm due to her recognition.

In addition to the participation of on-site citizens, more than 100,000 netizens watched the live broadcasting of Civic Love Day through the mobile phone of Feng Zhigang, who was the director of Quick Commonweal and one of Ten Outstanding Young Persons who were accredited as the most beautiful people in Hangzhou.

Feng Zhigang was interviewing Zhou Gongwu, the deputy director of Volunteer Service Center of FLFC.

There was a satisfactory end of the event as time passed. We met kind people in this wonderful city. Thanks for citizens who gave us approval regardless of the heavy rain.

Although the Civic Love Day ended, we would keep our love because every day could be the Civic Love Day as long as we have love in our mind.

The origin of partial photos: The Quick Commonwealth