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The author of this article is Ma Nannan, a student of Guizhou Normal College. He happened to hear of FLFC and became a volunteer when he studied at school. The article was written by Ma Nannan after his first visit to the school of FLFC. Lets  hear what he said.


The first time when I heard about FLFC, I asked why there would be free lunch in the world from Brother Wang, the regional commissioner of FLFC in Guizhou.

Because there are children who have no access to lunch in the world. Brother Wang said. His brief answer awakened me to the truth, therefore I decided to help people in need with my strength.

I saw pieces of pictures in which children were having lunch when I assisted Brother Wang to check the Weibo published by FLFC schools. At that time I sincerely hoped someday to understand the stories behind.

Today I finally got the chance to visit a FLFC school together with Brother Wang. The feeling of personally seeing children having steaming lunch was totally different from that of just watching photos on the web. Children were polite as we stepped into their classroom. The greetings that they sent to us expressed their inner voice and innocence.

It was a cold day, however there was a moving and warm atmosphere in the classroom. Because we heard childrens happy laughter and cheerful voice, saw the steaming hot lunch, and smelt fragrant flavour of love.


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From the conversation with teachers, we knew that children solved the problem of lunch in different ways without free lunch before. Specifically, some children took bread to the school as lunch, and some bought snacks with pocket money given by their family. For children who lived close to the school, they rushed to home after class to have a meal hurriedly. Whats more, some children even had nothing for their lunch. It was hard to imagine the situation in the classroom without free lunch before. It was also hard to accept the fact that children could not have a common meal at the stage of growth.

This was the first time that I had free lunch. I initially thought that the four-yuan meal would not tasty. To my surprise, I found that the lunch with the cost of four yuan was delicious as I tasted it.


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In my view, the most important thing of commonweal is not to raise funds, but to make the most of the money to help people in need. The FLFC Fund is successful because it doubles the value of each cent through strict requirement and discipline.

It was a sensation of happiness which I had never had before that I obtained from participating in socially useful activity. I was so lucky to be a volunteer of FLFC, which brought me the sense of happiness. I believe that the love to something makes it run upon the mind. Today I had free lunch for the first time. I felt happy not only due to the decent lunch, but also the smile of every child.


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Thanks to the commonweal projects such as FLFC, which brings happy smile to numerous children. As the saying goes, Do not forget the beginning, and continue to move forward.I wish the FLFC Fund to be better.


We welcome more vigorous and kind university students like Ma Nannan to join in our actions.

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