The Free Lunch for Children project has started for 7 years.  During the 7 years, millions of colleagues have joined us to participate in this charity activity, creating countless warm, touching and interesting stories.  We happily welcome you to join us and share this unforgetable experience with us!  

Content Solicitation:

During the implementation of the project, the shared moments between the children and us would move you, let you amaze how innocent they are, and sometimes find the experience both funny and annoying.  Therefore, you would think deeply about your life moments and your little stories.

When working on the project, have you ever been moved by the children?  One sentence of their words, one action, one glance, one gratitude letter, or one picture drawed by them?  Has any of these moments touched your heart?

Some colleagues said when they visited the children in the villages they asked the children if they would be afraid at home, one little girl said she was not afraid because her family raise a flock of chickens and two pigs.

Other colleagues said once they visited a school, the children there smiled like sunshine.  That was not the first time they had been taken photos but those smiles are too moving!

Maybe in some others' eyes, we are always helping children.  But actually we know that these innocent and loveable children are helping us to find better ourselves.

Welcome to share your little stories between you and the children and your feelings and reflection with us.

Tell us your stories and contribute them!

The deadline for the submission of the stories is: 5月26日18:00

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