On april 2nd,,China Social Charity Welfare Foundation Free Lunch Fund Management Committee” Humanistic love, together now” news release conference was held at Sun Yet-sen University. On the day of signing enterprise, China Joint Communications Network Limited, Guangzhou branch, especially caught our eyes. It is reported that, in recent years, Guangzhou Unicom has been giving full play to the advantages of technology, terminal and industrial chain, which play an important role in helping government informationlization ,in business upgrading and transformation ,in the construction of populace knowledge in our daily life .Guangzhou Unicom realizes a big leap of development, at the same time, contributes to the society. Zenghao,the general manager of Guangzhou Unicom Big Customer Marketing Service Center, personally came out to signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the free lunch foundation originator, Dengfei.

Reporters learned that at the day most watched “free lunch charity auction”, the fourth generation nice number, lovers number, the most flattering intelligent mobile came from Guangzhou Unicom, integrated with the service product of Min sheng bank, participated with charity auction and reached a snap climax. During the auction, buyers entered competitive bids, finally struck a bargain with a sale price,0.1 million yuan. All the charity will be sent to the poverty-striken region, to support the plan, free lunch for children. Guangzhou Unicom used the most practical action and the most powerful cross-border cooperation, actively help the development of public charities.

On the same day, Guangzhou Unicom start” let love links, make heart together, small integral, big charity” free lunch wharton love action ,they carry out to propagate  , through wechat transmission, microblog topic interation,10010 handheld services client ,the client club website of guangdong, SMS and MMS  interative  platform, business hall LED screen, ect. It calls upon  ”3000 integrals is love lunch”,which facing to entire network users. And advocate broad volunteer take an active part in the use of Self-service platform , including online business hall, mobile client,SMS. And carry on the ageless themes of Guangdong Unicom ,service to society, contribute to society, actively taking up corporate social responsibility.

”Let love links, make heart together ,small integral, big charity “free lunch wharton love action ,is a new explore that Guangdong Unicom and free lunch foundation work together, actively take part in public charities, which aims to provide a whole new public platform, use 3000 integrals to donate the children in poverty-striken region an excellent love lunch, dancing with wharton,to help those children realize their dream! Guangzhou Unicom will begin with this activity, gradually sett up commonweal integral exchange, donation system, build the service platform that full of Unicom characteristic of “small integral big charity”, to give warm-hearted people open up a new approach, a new way for participating in public welfare charity, and help them inherit and promote Chinese spirit of helping and love each other.