-Deng Fei, the promoter of “Free Lunch” public welfare foundation talks about love and responsibility

(Photographs by Qu Youzhi)


Author: Wang Zixuan  Translator: Wu Yanyun

jyb.cn“Attending public welfare opens me the door”, on 12th July, Deng Fei, the promoter of “Free Lunch” public welfare foundation, made his public speech focusing on love and responsibility during the 798 public trip to the training camp for outstanding college students from home and abroad in GLY.

Love and responsibility are always around with us in growth, They are also packed up to turn up together frequently. Deng considered that a man only with love but no responsibility, e would never do anything full of love but help the old crossing the street.

Before becoming a professional of public welfare, he was a journalist of social news. He was concerned about the seedy side of society and uncovered it. As a pioneer of Chinese investigative reporters, he has been awarded a lot. However, he chose to devote himself into “open commonweal” when his career went up as a rocket.

Starting from the minor, such as “cracking abduction on weibo”, “Free Lunch”, Deng discovered people in and methods of providing help with his keen eyes. With the help of the media as a tool for organizing, the concept of “everyone is a monitor” makes it believable and expands its influence.

Deng held an idea that love and kindness are a kind of ability. He said, “Many of the sentiments among people are chemical reactions. The help given by one person to another can be temporary altruistic, but we are expected to be rational when loving or caring someone without kinship unconditionally.”

In 2014, Deng was awarded as “the Young Global Leaders” on the Davos forum. The width and depth of his welfare practice made those present campers and thousands of teens who were influenced by Deng realize that youth could actually do a lot of more creative welfare services, not only experiment or imitation.

At the end of the speech, Deng said with a great passion, “Today, we can promote a free lunch; tomorrow, you can promote more meaningful activities!”