Author:Cai Zongya  Translator: witchbloom

In the morning of July 26th, SINOGRAIN Jinding Oil, together with the public benefit Fund "Free Lunch for Children"(Free Lunch) organized a public-spirited activity "You walk 1 thousand steps, I donate 50g oil" at the Lotus Plaza of Xuan Wu Lake Park of Nanjing City, hundreds of warm hearted Nanjing citizens participated in the activity.

Our common idea is doing the best at food security

The organizer of this activity SINOGRAIN is the first large state-owned company that has cooperated with "Free Lunch", the Jinding Oil donated one million yuan-worth of edible oil to the Fund the first year it was launched.  As the cooperation of these two reaches its fourth year, SINOGRAIN and "Free Lunch" held the public-spirited activity "You walk 1 thousand steps, I donate 50g oil" by outdoor walking to encourage more citizens to participate in similar activities, to spread the concept of kindness and the healthy way of living. When spoke of the reason for the cooperation, Mr. Wang Haijiao, the Vice President of Sinograin Oils Marketing Corp. said: " the principle of public benefit Fund 'Free Lunch' is very similar to our company purpose. 'Free Lunch' is promoting the thorough, transparent public benefit, the donation condition and the use of the chariable money are published in the Internet. And the purpose of our company is also to provide oil products with transparent and opened ingredients for consumers" Mrs. Li Xue, the Deputy Secretary of the Administration Committee of "Free Lunch" also mentioned:" our common idea is doing the best at food security"

Hundreds of volunteers measure love with steps

The activity "You walk 1 thousand steps, I donate 50g oil" started at 9:30. According to the rules announced by the host, every thousand steps the volunteers take, 50g oil will be donated to country children live in remote regions, all the volunteers wore the uniform of the activity and set off with positive energy, accumulating love for the children. During the activity, there were also many interesting games, you can get extra love points while playing. A giant "Jinding"oil bottle was set at the finish line, many pingpong balls carrying the love of the participants were threw into the bottle, symbolizing that we all get together to cheer on the children.

Old, middle-aged and young volunteers welcome the YOG and dedicate love with action

The event last for more than two hours, similar to the activities held in Wuhan and Guangzhou, when it came to its end many volunteers didn't leave immediately, they wanted to do more for the country children. Among the participants, there were three generations, old, middle-aged and young. The seventy-year-old Mrs. Jing and Mr. Xu said:" this is a well-organized significant activity, we not only help donating oil but also take some exercise, regardless of your age, the most important is the participation, we will come again next time!" There was no shortage of outdoor sports pros in their professional outfit, Mrs.Miao and Mr.Kan from Business School of Nanjing University were two of them. They thought that it was more meaningful taking part in "You walk 1 thousand steps, I donate 50g oil" activity than simply jogging in the Xuanwu Lake Park,"as it's something about public benefit, we all want to walk further to donate more oil to the children". Mrs. Zou, also from Business School of Nanjing University told us:"over a dozen members of Outdoor Association of Business School take part in today's activity, hoping to welcome the YOG with action". A mother who took her daughter to the event said:" I myself am doing organizing job in Jiangsu for 'Free Lunch' and I also want my kid to participate in public benefit activities from her early age, it is helpful for her."

Next stop: Xi'an, "Free Lunch" covers more schools

It is learned that SINOGRAIN and "Free Lunch" have sent safe edible oil to more than 200 schools for more than 40000 children. Next, the public-spirited activity "You walk 1 thousand steps, I donate 50g oil" will enter Xi'an and Beijing, the oil raised from this activity is expected to be sent to the recipient provinces of Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi etc. after starting the new semester.