Translator: Ke Yi

On August 9th, large public-spirited activity "You walk 1 thousand steps, I donate 1 liang oil" will continue its love relay in Xi'an Daming Palace National Heritage Park, after its great success in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing. Volunteers will have the chance to donate oil to the children in rural areas by participating and win gifts including T-shirt, pedometer, postcard and edible oil. 

The SINOGRAIN Jingding will donate 1 liang edible oil for each 1,000 steps from the volunteers. If you want to accumulate love for the children, if you want to offer them more free lunches cooked by safe oil, please do not hesitate to join us. 

You can send your "name+phone number+institution" to We are waiting for you at 9:00, August 9th in Xi'an.