TranslatorWu Yanyun

Recently, the donation ceremony of “Free Lunch-the more, the better” public welfare activity was held at LA CAFÉ in OTC Harbor Happy Mall. That day, the Duoduo Group donated 15,445 yuan to Free Lunch. All of those loving fund will be used for the lunch of children in mountains.

Free Lunch, little kindness makes great love. At the just-concluded 14thSZIC, LA CAFÉ that belongs to Duoduo Group, together with Free Lunch hold a public welfare donation activity for three days at LA HUI fashion living café. At the same time, a part of profits made in this activity which was hold by Duoduo Group’s LA CAFÉ (OCT-LOFT, OTC-Harbor Happy Mall) during SZIC will be donated to Free Lunch Charity Foundation.

As the representative of Duoduo Group, Ms. Wang Chunxia called on more compassion public’s participation at the donation ceremony, “3 yuan means nothing on the table or the change when shopping to many people. But it can be a tasty lunch for poor children. All of those enterprises with responsibility should give a hand to help the disadvantaged. Duoduo Group is keeping its word of doing public welfare.” She also declaimed that Duoduo Group’s La pargay, a leader of Chian's Black&White fashion, will also start a public welfare activity called “ Making clothes for love”.

Meanwhile, Free Lunch Charity Foundation’s delegate Mr. Zheng Qinzhong represented poor children to express gratitude to Duoduo Group sincerely. He also called upon more loving enterprises and social figures to participate in public welfare activity to do something we can for those children in need.

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