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Application Procedures


    Due to the difficulties of raising money,beside from the whole county town’s lunch opening and the directional donations, the free lunch fund mainly serves for the students whose family’s annual per-capita income is less than RMB2300, and the poverty primary school and its subsidiary kindergarten in which more than half kids don’t have lunch or over half students need to take more than one hour’s one way trip to school.

     It requires the school to procedurally publicly display below information in the micro blog: the application materials that are listed in the manual but exclude the students list, all the income and expenses that related to lunches, and to reply related questions. The application form will be submitted by the area manager to the committee for internal discussion and be voted by the school approval team. The budget can only be confirmed after it passes the team’s approval, and then the application materials need to be mailed to the Beijing office for stamping. The Free Lunch Fund can arrange full amount appropriation as soon as it’s within the budget, and no need for school to pay any fee. But if there is any false information about the application materials, the school will be disqualified for application.  

1.  The formal application is subject to the receiving of complete electronic edition materials. The school should fill in the application according to the < Instruction Manual for Free Lunch Application, Version 6.0B> (download the manual by clicking words in the left side), then send the application to the email address as: You can  call the supervisory telephone 18610416370 if you don’t get any response over than 5 working days. The application procedures, required documents and consulting telephone etc. are subject to the latest version in the website. The application is valid in half a year, and it’s required to supplement the latest materials if it’s over the validity.     

2.  The school authority needs to launch an official micro blog for school to publicly display all the application materials which exclude the students list. Especially to display all the income and expenses that related to lunches, which include but are not limited to living subsidies, nutrition improvement plan etc, and to answer all the questions in micro blog. The publicity can use the blog web link, “long micro blog” and pictures etc. Try to cover the contents regarding budget, application reason in one micro blog as much as possible.

3.  Ask two free lunch’s volunteers or media who have visited the school in half year to guarantee. And the guarantors need to clarify the visiting time, whether the case is true or not, when forward the micro blog, and fill in the visiting report.

4.  After the school continuously updates the related contents in micro blog for 10 days, the school management team submits the application to core committee in 3 days after it confirms all the materials are complete and correct. Then the application will be voted by the school approval team members (5 people). The application can only be accepted when there are more than 3 people who present their opinions and agree with it. After passing the voting, the area manager will contact the school to send the revised hard copy of the application materials. After the Beijing office confirms the materials, the area manager can submit the budget, and then the appropriation will be handled when it’s approved. It should be publicly displayed in micro blog if there is any change about the student amount etc.

5.  After submitting the application, the school can do a test starting from the free boiled water. The school can start the procurement when it receives the appropriation. It doesn’t suggest you to make money advanced for purchase. And then the test can start from free egg, free steamed bun or free noodle, all the cost should be less than one RMB everyday for every student. The test should last at least one month, and it will be adjusted according to the school transparency and the fund raising progress. And then can implement the free lunch.

6.  The first-time appropriation amount for the free lunches should be less than one month’s expenses. The subsequent appropriation can be adjusted according to the transparency, the quality of lunches and the executive condition of sanitary safety. In principle, the one-time appropriation amount should be less than one semester’s expenses. 

7.  The school micro blog has to update at least four items in each working day, which are income, expenses, fund balance and the number of people of having lunch. The school will be warmed if there is no update for one week, will be demoted, suspended for the appropriation or even disqualified if there is no update for one month. (The incomes and expenses can be without declaration if there is no donation, appropriation, purchase etc., but are subject to the real situation.)

8.  Then expenses which are over the lunches standard cost, 3 RMB, should be covered by the school itself. It requires more than three vendors to participant in the bidding if the purchase amount is over 10,000 RMB. 
     For those schools who apply for the free lunches, please execute in strict rotation with above rules. We kindly ask the donators, volunteers and all walks of life to supervise. The supervisory phone is 18610416370.


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