Niuniu Can Say 

it is a good day today. Free-Lunch project started formally in hui village primary school in duobao township in jiujiang duchang county, jiangxi province. "leader wu" and brother moon —— two volunteers in Jiangxi province, go to the school to witness the wonderful moment. Niuniu Can visited this school in August —— hui village primary school in duobao township, which is 25 km away from duchang county, with 80% or larger persentage of students are left-behind children. This school recruits school-age children from nearby one administrative village and nine natral villages(three for hui village); There is a kindergarten, grade one to five, a total of six classes, 155 students, seven teachers, in which five public and two substitute. Local annual per capita income is¥2300 and local villagers mainly make living by farming or going out to work in big citis.

The following words are published by "leader wu" to his moments of wechat: #WULIAOYIXIA# —— "During these two days I stayed in Duchang, once again, I witnessed free-lunch project started in a school in Jiangxi province and smillings were everywhere in the campus. Silently, I sat on the side of Poyang river, the history witnessed the prosperity here but which went to its end with time goes by. Now, there are crazy growing weeds filled in the campus… There was a moment that a heart-poundling sound came out when the rusty gate closed by the headmaster, which made me couldn't help to turn acound again and again to have a look at the four rusty Chinese characters "STUDY HARD" that hanging on the gate………(leader wu is a reporter, and he is called a leader just because his body makes others feel that he is the leader of party and state. Thanks to the selfless dedication made by him and brother moon to the schools in Jiangxi province that joined free-lunch project, we love you,