1.the summary of FREELUNCH public-welfare actions upon the donation of FREELUNCH program in the first phase about the use of FREELUNCH program's donation

4.other relevant items


I      The summary of FREELUNCH public-welfare actions

       Driven by love, we persist in providing hot lunch for children! Thanks for your trust and supports!

       With the FREELUNCH public-welfare actions, we advocate for donating three yuan each day, which is enough to provide a hot lunch for students in poor areas; keep those children in poor villages away from starvation and guarantee them a healthy growth.

       Our missions:freeing Chinese children from starvation and helping them grow up healthily.

       Our wishes:making the FREELUNCH a basic child welfare in China through several years' efforts.

       Our strategies:implementing the secure, high-efficient and reproducible FREELUNCH model; keeping to the open and transparent norms; providing professional services for government, enterprises, charity organizations and individual donor; promoting public policies continuously.

        Up to August, 31, 2014, FREELUNCH Foundation has received 9,969,000 yuan and our program has been carried out in 23 provinces and 410 schools. So far, there are 362 schools and 87,267 people every day that benenfit from FREELUNCH program.

        For more information please visit our official website:  

II      Report upon the donation of FREELUNCH Program in the first phase

        In July, 2014, FREELUNCH Foundation received 2,105,924 donations from 14,767 caring enterprises, which was 139,699.09 yuan in total through the Public-welfare Angel Program. And up to August,31, 2014, we have received 4,841,876 donations from50,054 caring companies, which is 344,282.55 yuan in total.

III     Feedback about the use of FREELUNCH Public-welfare Angel Program's donations

        The FREELUNCH Public-welfare Angel Program aims at raising 30 thousand yuan to provide free lunch for students of LongQuan School in JingYou, a small town in Lou Fan county, Tai Yuan city, Shan Xi province.(The expenditure should depend on the reality.) LongQuan School is the first school supported by FEELUNCH in ShanXi. And it will be the only one. We hope that we can help more children out through our joint efforts.

       The school's own Sina microblog was opened in November 5, 2013.

        It became the school officially supported by FREELUNCH in December 4, 2013.

        It received donation in December 9,2013.

        Eggs Test began in December 9, 2013.

        The free lunch was launched in December 30,2013.

        It began to get a regular donation from TaoBao's chariable programs since June 1,2014.

        Up to August 31, 2014, the FREELUNCH Public-welfare Angel Program had received 344,282.55 yuan. The first phase of Public-welfare Angel Program was over temporarily. We are expecting your attention for next phase eagerly!

       July and August were the school summer holiday. So there was no lunch and no expenditure.

       For more information please visit FREELUNCH official website:、The school's Sina microblog: LongQuan Boarding School in LouFan county, ShanXi province.(the microblog link:

IV    Other relevant items 

1.About public-welfare receipt

       Please contact Xiaoer or Xiaopen of the FREELUNCH Public-welfare Shop directly or apply for it through e-mail: 

       To apply for the receipt, you need to provide us with the following informations:

  1.            1.Your Alipay account number
  2.            2.The title of the receipt. Which means you should make it clear that to who the receipt is given to.For shop owners of TaoBao, please fill in with your real name. For shop owners of Tmall, please fill in with your company's full name or the brand name.
  3.            3.The amount of money you confirmed in Alipay back-stage management. That is the transaction record named"charity donation".
  4.            4.Your receipt shipment informations, including your shipping address, the receiver's name and telephone number.  

        Public-welfare Angel has a great number of orders; so we are only able to provide consultation and receipt services once a month presently. That is you can only consult us in the month\apply for last month's receipt. To be economical and environment friendly, we recommend giving receipt in a 100 yuan base or at the end of the year. Your understanding is appreciated!   

2.For more information about cooperation, consultation, customer service please contact the Xiaoer of the FREELUNCH Public-welfare Shop.

       The FREELUNCH Public-welfare Shop:  

       FREELUNCH——the support channel of Tao Bao judging center:     

3、For more information about FREELUNCH please visit our official website: 

4、Sina microblog@FREELUNCH,  Weixin: freelunchwx

      Your concerning is expected and appreciated!