Writer : Lin Qiaohui  FLFC Guangzhou Volunteer team

Translator: Zoe Zeng

In the afternoon on 10 October, some members from FLFC(Free Lunch For Children) Guangzhou team gathered in the Going Global Hall near the Canton Tower. They initiated the first teach-in of FLFC "Share Love" and discussed the problems of sustainable development of FLFC in Guangdong. 21 volunteers took part in the teach-in and they gave a brief self-introduction before the teach-in. We started our teach-in in a delightful atmosphere. In addition, the teach-in was a marvellous ending of the National Holiday.

After a joyful self-introduction, volunteer Ye Pan delivered a speech in the "Share Love" teach-in, which also was the first talk in Guangzhou station. The speech mainly told about the origin of FLFC, the reason for joining FLFC, the situation of FLFC and the introduction of Guangzhou volunteer team. Moreover, it was said that Guangzhou team would focus on the "Share Love" teach-in and the volunteers & donors return party.

After the teach-in, the volunteers discussed the problems that occurred in FLFC schools in Guangdong and put forward their suggestions actively. Ye Pan also shared his opinions with others in the discussion. FLFC is just a starting point. In order to attract more attention to 61 million unattended children in China, we must try our best to held teach-ins to various groups, let the seeds of public welfare take root and Chinese unattended children be noticed with the hope that all the children can have a hot lunch. At the same time, participating in public service is a way to relax ourselves and reduce work pressures. When taking part in public service, we can get rid of passive emotion and return to work with positive energy. How happy we are as we can kill two birds with one stone! And that is the “happy welfare” frequently said by Tao, a Guangzhou volunteer.

Volunteer Wang Wei, the old friend of FLFC, provided the venue for this activity. The second “Travel Across North and South For Love” welfare cycling activity of his Going Global Hall, which lasted for 14 days, raised 100 thousand yuan for FLFC in total. Wang also concluded this activity in the forum. He said that the cycling activity faced more challenges in fact: poor road conditions, unpleasant physical conditions and a number of circulations. However, Wang insists on the cycling activities though there are many difficulties and he is the model of our avenue of welfare cycling. What’s more, Wang always connects welfare with outdoor fitness activities in order to let people enjoy doing public service during physical exercises. As a pioneer who was the first Chinese that cycling around China in schooldays, Wang just wanted to see the world outside university in the beginning. So as you are still striving in the universities, would you go out the campus and do something which will make you laugh when you recall it in the old age? What about conducting welfare or joining us? Public welfare is accessible whenever you want.

At the end of forum, volunteer Wang Shaochen introduced mainly his visit to Qinghai Waixi  Primary School. In this journey, Wang realized that the living condition in western China was extremely bad, so we should reduce waste and devote ourselves to helping children in the poor mountainous area as we were born in a rich area.  

Ye Pan made a summary after the ending of the forum. Then, volunteers communicated to each other and had a brain storm during which a variety of excellent ideas were put forward. We believe that we will witness those ideas come into being in the foreseeable future.

Public welfare is so amazing that it gathers talents from different vocations together. Public welfare is so fantastic that it makes each one of us becomes young. There is no bound in welfare and love is eternal!